Article: Top 25 Best Workplaces in Asia: Lifestyle

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Top 25 Best Workplaces in Asia: Lifestyle

Lifestyle believes in the value of inclusiveness and conducts specific programs to make employees feel rewarded
Top 25 Best Workplaces in Asia: Lifestyle

Rank: 21


Number of employees: 9,368, Headquarters: Bengaluru, CEO: Micky Jagtiani


Lifestyle, one of the country’s leading retail chains promoted by the Landmark group, believes in making every employee feel special. The company has a majority of frontline sales staff and its key talent management objective is to ensure that every one of them feels connected and engaged with the company. Its commitment to ensuring that talent stays happy and engaged is demonstrated by the various initiatives that the company undertakes to make them feel part of the family.

One of the remarkable initiatives, for example, was called “Creating A Ripple” program whose objective was to create an ecosystem where employees display high degree of sensitivity and empathy towards each other’s issues / problems / troubles (grievances).

To encourage this cultural change, activities and training programs were conducted across the organization. Employees were introduced to the idea that they themselves could help another employee with a grievance where they were given a choice to be a solution provider, a connector or even an empathizer. As a solution provider, employees were encouraged to provide solutions to others when they could. This could be in helping another employee find accommodation and so on.

As an empathizer, an employee could provide a listening ear to another employee who needs it. The aim was to create an ecosystem where employees know that everyone’s there to help. Sometimes, an employee would need the assistance of the HR team with a grievance, but may not be confident to approach an HR representative. Hence, a grievance box was placed in every store, where an employee could fill up a grievance card and drop it in the box. These grievance cards could also be anonymous. The HR team would collate these grievances and speak about them in a monthly ‘listening forum’. In case, there is a serious grievance that is reported, the HR would get in touch with the employee and provide them with the required solution or in case of anonymity would investigate the issue to ensure that it does not become a hindrance at work."

Another key initiative was called the “Retail Employees Day” to acknowledge the hard work of their frontline staff.  This year, the company is planning to organize “Max Master Mind”, a national level quiz competition as part of Retail Employee Day celebrations. From ticket booking to accommodation has all been taken care of by the organization and preparation for the event from the participants’ front is also high. 

The company’s recognition program is aimed to recognize and appreciate the efforts and commitment shown by staff. Loyal customers are invited to felicitate the awardees. The families of staff are personally invited by the Store Management team to attend the celebrations at the store.

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