Article: The ever-evolving Indian M&A space


The ever-evolving Indian M&A space

More players wanting to remain at the top of the chart in their respective sectors has led to a spurt in domestic M&A transactions across industries
The ever-evolving Indian M&A space
India is one of the oldest civilizations and is still evolving. Since ancient times, partnerships, annexations, strategic alliances have been practiced and have been often used by the able and wise rulers to expand their horizons and empires. The same tradition, if not in totality but in ideology is practiced in today's day and age too. The only difference is that instead of princely states, we have businesses as a target of expansion and the rulers have transformed into business czars and heads of corporations with the everlasting zeal to expand the market share through buy outs, mergers, partnerships, acquisitions or management take-overs, in order to remain at the helm by decimating the completion. In today's day and age, we call this art of war as Mergers and Acquisition – a method to stay relevant and fuel growth. India shining  As per the Credit Suisse Emerging Consumer Survey 20161, India is at the top of the Emerging Consumer Scorecard, indicating a robust level of...
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