Article: Top 5 green jobs for 2016


Top 5 green jobs for 2016

Pay close attention Gen Y and Z, if you want to use your smartness to help the planet and future generations then you ought to consider sustainability as your vocation.
Top 5 green jobs for 2016

Everyone of us is painfully aware about the impending challenges humanity will face in the coming years due to Global Warming. The recent Chennai floods are entirely attributed to the Global Warming. With 1.25 billion people, India is bound be one of those few countries to face shortage of resources before other countries.  That being said, the nature and future- conscious millennials and centennials are looking at green career options to make significant and sustainable contribution to the mankind.  

Sustainability happens to be one of the most fascinating industries to work in as it is highly multi-dimensional in nature and there are plenty of opportunities in the sustainable industry one. Not to mention exceptional opportunities call for exceptional skills. ‘Green’ jobs require one to tap into his or her problem-solving abilities in order to combat the menace Global Warming is causing. Sustainability professionals need to develop a diverse set of expertise in order to come up with effective solutions that would combat environmental issues.

There are a plethora of opportunities in sciences, social sciences and the humanities that would help one in counteracting Global Warming.  Take a look at the top five interesting  green professions which one could consider:

  1. Environmental Engineering: Using their formal education in science and technology, environmental engineers design solutions to the area of land conservation for present and future habitations, and reduce air and water pollution. There can be entry-level as well as experienced opportunities for the same.

  2. Natural Scientists: The large water bodies on our planet help natural scientists in monitoring climate change and its impact on the ecosystem. A diver makes note of the acidity level of the ocean water to understand the impact human civilization is making on the nature. These scientists also monitor the paucity resources on which we all ultimately rely on for our existence. 

  3. Sustainable Architecture: Heard of the National Olympic Stadium in Beijing, popularly known as the "Bird's Nest"? It is one of the world’s most renowned sustainable construction designed by Swiss architecture firm Herzog and de Meuron. A large number of the buildings are responsible for greenhouse gases emission. A sustainable architect is mindful

  4. Sustainability Systems Developer: In a world that runs on technology, the need for software professionals inclined towards green technology is immense. The modern-age economy needs engineers who can develop software and other systems that aid in preserving natural resources wisely – from wind farms to green energy grids. Software professionals with experience in enterprise resource planning can look for numerous opportunities.

  5. Urban Planner: Urban planning, as a profession, was introduced in the early 20th century. However, the challenges and opportunities for urban planners have significantly increased due to rapid population growth and climate change. The vocation requires strong analytical skills to evaluate the social economic and environmental outcome of using a land for any kind of development. Apart from designing and maintaining urban and suburban areas, the field is also concern with waste management. . Job opportunities in urban planning are expected to rise by 15 per cent in 2016.

There are numerous other opportunities in the booming green sector. It would be of course a herculean task to prepare an exhaustive list of all the existing opportunities in the given field. But depending on the education and job prospects that incite one within sustainability, one could decide how he or she wishes to contribute to the cause. 

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