Article: A HiPo program is not just any training program

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A HiPo program is not just any training program


HiPos should have faith in the organization and the HiPo program, says Mandeep Singh, Director-HR, BMR Advisors
A HiPo program is not just any training program

Potential need not be same as performance but in most cases high performers in the current context are seen as high potentials who can strengthen the organization’s future. While it has been observed that mostly high performers are high potentials there are certain characteristics that set them apart. Mandeep Singh, Director-HR, BMR Advisors says, “High potentials showcase an innate ability to take initiatives and have the true spirit of entrepreneurship in them. This comes along with strong networking abilities like the ability to spread out the word, getting new references and building knowledge through references leveraging and enhancing them at the best”.

Since the high potentials already bring along such special abilities and unique talent, there is only a need to harness their potential in the best way providing them the right kind of exposure and learning across their career journey. A good HiPo program comes very handy in ensuring the same. “Organizations that have a good HiPo program include detailed theoretical sessions, on philosophies of the organization along with internal case-studies and a good mentorship program as part of the program. A mentor directs the person to steer his/her path to success. In addition, it provides them the exposure of trying out new projects which have impact on the entire organization. That is what gives them the ability to actually experience true learning, to experiment and that is what brings them out of their set systems, processes and frameworks, allowing them to try something new”, says Mandeep.

Having already said that, it would be a gross mistake to look at a HiPo program as any other training and development initiative as it needs much more than that. As Mandeep puts it, “A high potential program is not about a simple training program, it’s about an organization’s commitment and vision. Unless you’ve got that long term vision or strategy for the business, you’re not actually running a HiPo program but just a regular training program”. In its true sense a HiPo program can only be successful if it lays down its rules and processes based on the organization’s vision and imbibes all the vales of the organization well. Otherwise, it would be running like a parallel process that never helps in making the ends meet.

The success of such a program also relies on the fact that the HiPos themselves trust its abilities to bring the best out of them. A lack of faith in the HiPo program can result in drop-outs. Reinforcing the same in a message to HiPos Mandeep says, “Have faith in the organization about the fact that it is working on a career plan for you. If you feel the need, you should have frequent career discussions with your supervisors rather than hesitating and just dropping out of the program or the organization itself. If you’re placed in a HiPo program you should realize that you have a long and bright future in the organization. It’s also important to understand that you are not important just to an individual or your senior but to the organization and that is why you’re being invested in. Knowing that, you can manoeuvre your way through any level of work in the organization”.

Since a high potential program is not a crash course but a detailed process spread over months or even years, it is a two-way deal where the organizer and the receiver, both need to stay intact all through the program. It needs efforts and most of all faith from both ends, the organization and the HiPos themselves, to make it work.

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