Article: Companies must focus on outperformance

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Companies must focus on outperformance

An effective PMS ensures it is not unfair to anyone, says Kevin Freitas, Global Head of Recruiting & Rewards, InMobi
Companies must focus on outperformance

It is the natural order of things that there will always be a performance differentiation between great performers and average performers

Management, in its purest sense, means that there is an inherent belief that one can change something for the better. When the word is used beside performance, there is a difference. As opposed to other forms of management, performance works differently because it involves regular goal-settings, checkpoints and reflections about what works and what does not to enhance and improve performance. Clubbing all forms of motivations into one bracket of performance management is too simplistic. Performance management is really about conversations, not about performance, but about outperformance. For example, a conversation around achieving outputs of 10X compared to the previous year and ways of getting there is truly a conversation about outperformance. The place where most organizations go wrong with performance management is when a certain model is mimicked and applied across all times. For organizations like InMobi who approach performance not in terms of a process, but in terms of outper...
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