Article: Follow these tips if you work from home

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Follow these tips if you work from home

Those of us who have experienced working from home for any reason would agree that although its fun to work from the comfort of home, its not always as easy or productive as it sounds.
Follow these tips if you work from home

Imagine you don’t have to deal with your boss every time you get off your desk for a bathroom break, or advise a colleague about his mother’s neighbor’s son’s career choices. When you look at those choices, the decision to work from home sounds almost great, right until the moment when the kids decide to be, well, kids, or something else that really makes you question your career choices. But the good news is that you’re not alone in facing some difficulty or the other as a work-from-home professional. And the great news is that it’s easy enough to get a grip on your time and space to deliver the best results to your clients as a work-from-home professional.

Start a little early

The best thing about working from home is that you have complete control over your time. But the tricky thing about time is that you have to learn to manage it better. Keep in mind that while working from home, you will be distracted by house chores. Starting your day a little early is always a good idea as it allows you to cover a lot of ground before your mind gets a chance to get distracted by the mundane day-to-day house chores.

Set boundaries

Let everyone at home know that you’re working and even though you may seem to be at home, you’re actually not. Sit in a room with minimal distractions and keep your door locked. Invest in a good set of earplugs to make sure you’re not disturbed by noise while you’re at work. Check your social media habits, and set aside a fixed amount of time each morning and evening and follow it rigorously. Track your time and make sure you follow those rules.

Step out sometimes

Don’t stay at home all the time. Allow yourself to indulge a little by stepping out to a nearby cafe with wi-fi access every once in a while. Do ensure that the cafe is not located far off from home so that you don’t spend too much time in travel and keep a check on your expenses.

Plan your work day

Get in the habit of planning ahead for your work day. List out the things that you need to finish on priority and follow that list. Account for any deadlines and make sure you have ample time to devote on those tasks. Another trick is to prepare your meals before you sit down to work, and pack some snacks and lunch for yourself before you start your day.

Find your flow

Find your flow state where you can engross yourself in your work so that no distractions can break your concentration. A large part of this is dependent on your workspace, and the time of the day that suits you best for work. For some people, it might be early in the morning, while others feel most productive during midday, and some find it late at night. Regardless, find that time and space that works for you best. After all, you are in charge of setting your time through the day.


Working from home definitely has its advantages. You get to be the boss of your own time, and still, make time for the more important things in life while avoiding the humdrum of daily commute and lower expenses. However, it can be challenging too. You need to pay attention to your physical and mental health, not to forget self-discipline in finishing the tasks you’ve been assigned. Finding your balance and making things work the way you want them to will take you some time and practice. But once you master that, then no amount of challenges can stop you from delivering your best work to your clients.

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