Article: Managers need not label staff with rating

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Managers need not label staff with rating

Performance management is an in-process in-time rather than a point-in-time, says Rohit Thakur, Head-HR, Microsoft India
Managers need not label staff with rating

Performance management is about setting goals and providing the path to achieve them

We as an HR team strongly believe that everything that we do in HR should be focused on achieving business results. Performance management, therefore, is about setting the right goals, providing the path to achieving the goals, evaluating performance in a consistent and fair manner and communicating the basis of measuring performance and differentiation. At Microsoft, a system of performance management using a curve was fostering destructive internal competition among peers and putting a lot of focus on individual excellence rather than team excellence. The organization decided to change its performance management process including the element of what an individual has learnt from others, and shared with others. We also shifted our focus to richer and more structured conversations. We call these conversations as “Connects.” A part of this redesign was also to delink these conversations with rewards conversations. The structure of these conversations can be captured in the ...
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