Article: Mature organizations are self-governing

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Mature organizations are self-governing

Some firms value the process of achieving goals than outcomes, says Padmaja Alaganandan Partner & Leader of People & Change, PwC
Mature organizations are self-governing

Depending on the culture, different aspects of performance get valued

At the fundamental level, performance can be constituted by one or more of four different elements. The first is the input to execute a job, and includes skills, competencies, and capabilities. The second element is the process of how an individual goes about accomplishing objectives, for example, was the right level of collaboration brought to the fore? The third element is output, or the results achieved against application of the inputs. In many ways, this is the culmination or measurement of where an individual, team, or organization stands at a point in time in terms of what was expected and what was delivered. The fourth crucial element can be termed as the outcome or the long-term impact of actions. Outcomes are measured in terms of the impact of long-term goals, such as market share, employee engagement or brand performance. Depending on the culture, different aspects of performance get valued. For many, it is valued more in terms of output, i.e. actual results achieved. In ma...
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