Article: Top 12 trends: Optimize Talent Utilization - Judhajit Das

Performance Management

Top 12 trends: Optimize Talent Utilization - Judhajit Das

Judhajit Das, Chief of HR, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
Top 12 trends: Optimize Talent Utilization -  Judhajit Das

There is an open war for talent in today’s economic scenario and as the right talent becomes scarce and organizations seek transparent ways to retain them, talent managers will resort to the increasing use of assessment tools and analytics to optimize talent utilization.

Further, due to constraint budgets, as a result of the economic downturn, talent managers will only cater coaching and mentoring to selected high performers. There will be a shift in the overall role of HR and the focus will be centered on the development of people for increased productivity. HR will only invest on high-pots in order for them to become effective leaders.

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Topics: Performance Management, Strategic HR, #HRMetrics

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