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Trending on Day-1: Not to miss


Taking you through the highlights from the Day – 1 of the HiPoWeek, events, content and who said what
Trending on Day-1: Not to miss

The HiPo Week began with dollops of excitement with the HR community witnessing a webinar, a virtual coaching session and a rich variety of content including interviews and articles. Day-one began with the crisp, content rich newsletter hitting inboxes, offering people an opportunity to block time for the events coming forth during the day and later in the week, along with knowledge sharing content in form of videos, interviews and articles.

The newsletter consists interesting sections like ‘In Focus’ which showcases the best videos of the day, ‘HiPo Library’ that has articles, ‘Event highlights’ that offers the details of all the forthcoming events and ‘Face to Face’ which features an interesting interview transcript. This newsletter beginning today will be your guiding map on the week-long journey for HR and what’s better than having it updated and delivered to you every day!

The first webinar of the HiPo Week covering ‘Shopper’s Stop on their approach to HiPos’ had two speakers – Mr. Govind Srikhande, MD Shopper’s Stop India and Mr. Prashant Pandey, Vice President Right Management India who shared their insights from their experience and expertise on high potential development. Prashant began the session talking about a leader’s growth plan, its external contingencies, ways to getting the assessment process right, measuring its outcome and making it sustainable and scalable. He said, “Development is not just about training, it’s about change in behaviour which comes through on-going experience and exposure and not through trainings alone”. “Leadership development or high potential development is not just the responsibility of HR but it calls for the business leaders’ attention and it is also an established fact that the ROI of such programs comes out better in cases where the business leaders themselves are involved”, he continued.

Sharing some key points from Shopper’s Stop’s approach to HiPos, Mr. Srikhande said, “As the retail industry has changed dynamically and grown tremendously in the recent years, the talent pipeline requirements have also seen a sea change”. He said, “Assessment centres alone cannot suffice in a high potential program; any assessment centre should always be followed by a development centre”. Highlighting the importance of communication in a high potential development plan, he mentioned that it is extremely important to communicate clearly across all the stages – pre, post and during the program alongside charting a strong career growth path for the HiPos.

The second exciting event of the day was a virtual coaching session on ‘HiPos, organizations; and their challenges’. This power packed coaching session was led by Chaitali Mukherjee, Country Manager, Right Management India and Nilanjana Paul, Executive Coach with Right Management India as they shared some really interesting ideas and key fundamentals that would not just help organizations get their HiPo programs right but also help HiPos themselves sort out various dilemmas.

Talking about whether or not and how organizations should notify high potentials and how does a high potential know for sure if he/she is being seen as one in case the organization does not clearly notify them Nilanjana said, “Getting challenging projects beyond your day job is a good sign. Grab such opportunities when you have them and learn from them but simply assuming that you’re being seen as a HiPo basis these opportunities is not correct”. “Organizations should not view coaching as a tool for correction rather as one to unleash the potential. Moreover, individuals who are selected for a coaching need not be assured of the fact that they are being seen as high potentials. Organizations should practice transparency and clarity in communicating to their high potentials”, she continued.

Addressing the confusion of those high potentials who have been notified by the organization but further do not see enough activities being planned for their growth, Chaitali says, “Once the organization has notified you of your status, you know that you are capable to even chart out your own career growth. You have enough data points as a foundation to approach the management or a mentor of yours to help you grow. You just need to be a self-starter and invest in yourselves”. In an organization’s perspective, Chaitali says, “Notification could do more damage than good in case nothing is done after that and the high potentials are left to figure out something on their own. It could even lead to loss of critical talent for the organization”.

The first day of the week saw immense excitement, huge participation and very positive responses from the community. Going further there is a lot of enthusiasm as we look forward to more learning rich, thought-provoking sessions with some eminent senior leaders from the industry. To ensure you don’t miss any of it, we will keep updating you with everything about the day through this trending story.

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