Article: Unleash and Leverage High Potential Talent to Drive Business Growth

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Unleash and Leverage High Potential Talent to Drive Business Growth


Right Management's initiatives helping a leading pharmaceutical company drive its growth through high potential talent
Unleash and Leverage High Potential Talent to Drive Business Growth
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Right Management has worked with various organizations globally in their effort to identify and develop high potentials. One such example is the work that we are doing with a global healthcare company which is organized around three principal activities: pharmaceuticals, human vaccines and animal health. We designed the program architecture and are currently implementing it in India.

Development of a strong talent pipeline is of strategic significance for driving business growth and transformation. Given the ambitious growth plans, the focus on integrated healthcare platforms, value enhancing acquisitions and alliances, and broader set of products and services - the need for leaders to demonstrate the capabilities that are critical for future success was mandated. The architecture of an intensive program was thought through in order to improve the robustness of the talent pipeline in alignment with the business strategy. The program goals were to:

For the leaders -

  1. enhance self-awareness to drive personal performance and leadership effectiveness
  2. facilitate personal career development planning to drive stronger engagement and retention

For the organization -

  1. provide consistent set of standards and talent analytics to inform talent planning and succession management
  2. ensure higher percentage of internal placement at senior positions
  3. reinforce cultural values and leadership standards

Right Management partnered to design and implement a holistic leadership program for business leaders managing critical roles. This helped to objectively gauge leaders’ potential with reference to competencies required for the evolution of business. A leader success profile was then crafted comprising of four dimensions - knowledge, experience, personality attributes and capabilities. The individual readiness and gaps to the competencies were defined, which in turn helped to draft detailed personal development plans.

Right Management deployed the 4P’s Leadership Framework in order to provide insights to leaders on other parameters besides ‘Performance’ which define and influence the kind of leader one can become – ‘Personality’, ‘Perception’ and ‘Potential’. Different tools were mapped to each of the parameters with an objective to give a leader a holistic perspective about self.

Potential Performance Perception Personality
What are the individual leadership strengths and areas of development? What is the individual’s achievement on the defined KRAs/KPIs? How do multiple stakeholders experience/ view the leadership capability of the individual? What are the leadership traits, personality attributes which guides the individual behaviors
Assessment Mode: EMCO Business Simulation in Development Centre Mode Assessment Mode: Performance Appraisal by Manager Assessment Mode: 360 Degree Survey Assessment Mode: Hogan Suite Psychometric Tool

The analysis from multiple tools - the online psychometric tool i.e., Hogan suite (Personality), 360 degree feedback survey (Perception) and online business simulation in a development centre mode (Potential) provided robust understanding of a leader on various aspects. In addition to this, the leaders were given an opportunity to share their career aspirations, and imperative inputs on the knowledge and experience they possessed. The leadership insights collated from multiple data points were relayed back to the leader by a seasoned Right Management observer during the one-on-one feedback session in a manner that facilitated adequate reflection for the leaders to process key leadership strengths and development areas into a clear Personal Development Plan.

Feedback from the Participants:

  1. Perfect & Professional. Organized meticulously with good adherence to timelines. Nicely designed and nicely arranged. Good experience
  2. The simulation was an entirely new experience. Very good quality assessment techniques. Almost close to real life scenario
  3. A good mix of techniques involving multi-model tools. Tools were interesting and thought provoking. Comprehensive, broad coverage, good enough to have an expert opinion on where I am
  4. Enriching! Opened areas of self-development. Learning is that one needs to constantly benchmark with changing needs and evolve ways to cope up with change

For the Leadership team, Right Management created an overall group profile that provided benchmark data on Potential, Perception and Personality. The Potential and Perception data shared overall inferences on all the competencies on the basis of outcome from the development centers and the 360 degree feedback survey respectively. The Personality data shared key insights about the leaders with respect to their personality styles, possible career derailers and primary motives, values and preferences.

What really stood out during the program implementation were the well planned program orientation sessions for leaders and their managers co-facilitated by the client leadership team and Right Management consultants. What also led to the success of the intervention were the high quality assessment techniques, experienced observers, sharing of holistic feedback, creation of development plans and strong partnership model to program manage the intervention seamlessly.

Overall, the intervention immensely benefited the organization as they received inputs on all 4P’s along with other imperative inputs that were critical in identifying the developmental path for the leaders.

Project Team:

Prashant Pandey, Vice President-Consulting Services, Right Management India

Rajshekhar Krishnan, Vice President-Consulting Services, Right Management India

Premraj Pillai, Associate Vice President-Consulting Services, Right Management India

Karuna Raghuvanshi, Program Manager, Right Management India

Shephali Karn, Team Member, Right Management India

Arpit Chaturvedi, Team Member, Right Management India

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