Article: Always hire better than yourself: Deep Kalra

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Always hire better than yourself: Deep Kalra

MakeMyTrip Chairman & Group CEO Deep Kalra on golden rules of entrepreneurship and lessons from a startup's evolution
Always hire better than yourself: Deep Kalra

There is a big stigma associated with failure in India, but it is changing now. Prospective hires don’t shy away from admitting they ran a failed startup


There is a need to refresh the organization all the time, especially the leadership team. Hence, it’s good to bring in specialized people

Q. How are ground rules changing for entrepreneurs and what does this mean for HR? A. I am not an HR guru, but every entrepreneur and HR professional needs to know that startups are getting younger and so must HR. When I started my career in 1992 after just graduating from business school, the leading, first-generation entrepreneurs in India were companies like Infosys. For me, people like (Narayana) Murthy and Nandan (Nilekani) have been a role model since then. These folks were in their 40s when they got going with their company. By the time I started out with MakeMyTrip, it was 2000. A lot of the companies were coming up in India and overseas and entrepreneurs were in their 30s. Sanjeev Bikhchandani (another person I look up to a lot) was in his 30s or perhaps a little younger when he started Naukri. Now, the most successful entrepreneurs, like Mark Zuckerberg, are in their 20s. Sergey (Brin) and Larry (Page) were in their 20s too when they started Google. We also know Bill Gates w...

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