Article: TA Leadership League Week Day 1- Twangout on Predictive hiring 2.0

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TA Leadership League Week Day 1- Twangout on Predictive hiring 2.0

Big data to play a big role in facilitating Predictive Analysis of Successful Hiring.
TA Leadership League Week Day 1- Twangout on Predictive hiring 2.0

On the first day of our TA Leadership League Week, we had Sumathi Sampath Head – Talent Acquisition, Infosys BPO to share her thoughts about the role that big data analytics would play on the scope of successful Predictive Hiring. She began by emphasizing the significance of historical data of Talent Acquisition to predict and understand future behavior in the hiring space. According to her “the growth of cloud based data application has a huge role to play in the predictive analysis of data driven hiring”. The low cost of storage, powerful analysis techniques and the ease in the execution of big data analysis will propel the use of Predictive analysis. She went on to point out the relevance of such analysis on both pre and post the hiring process. The ability of predictive analysis to increase the speed of hiring, ability to remove unconscious bias and data driven decision making helps in achieving a diverse workforce and a higher turnover.

The strategic use of big data also finds relevance in acquiring the right talent for acquisition. By the collection of relevant data, hypnotizing and using statistical modelling to understand and predict behavior there is a higher scope of reaching out to the necessary talent as compared to mere correlation of data. “Hiring managers need to ensure that their hiring models have measurable processes and objective data that are reliable”.  From an organizational point of view, she stressed on the investment in technology, business analysis and storage capabilities. The efficacy of predicative analysis would depend on all these aspects. It is also important to ensure that the data is reliable and relevant for Predictive analysis to facilitate hiring in a consistent manner. 

It is also important to focus on the on the right data, its sanctity and integrity, for effective predictive analysis. The investments in cutting edge technology and infrastructure costs instead of cloud based application also acts as a hindrance. The clarity in knowing what to take out of the analysis is necessary for predictive hiring. Sumathi Sampath also pointed out that big data application is still at a very nascent stage where the models for predictive analysis are not completely sorted. 

Leveraging talent data to ascertain the best way to reach to right talent also helps in optimizing talent pipeline. But the use of predictive analysis by an organisation should only be done when the basic processes of talent acquisition and hiring are sorted out. Once the processes are standardized and are stable enough to create reliable data, the organisation holds the capability to raise the bar of making better decisions on hiring the right talent by using Predictive analysis





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