Article: A positive hiring sentiment predicted for 2018


A positive hiring sentiment predicted for 2018

55% companies indicate hiring intentions in the next 12 months as per Mercers report and experts predict strong hiring activity in 2018, particularly in supply chain, manufacturing, infrastructure and logistics.
A positive hiring sentiment predicted for 2018

Job market experienced some tension in 2017 with massive layoffs across sectors like IT and Telecom. But experts predict a positive hiring sentiment for 2018. As per Mercer’s latest report, 55% companies indicate hiring intentions in the next 12 months, as against 48% last year. These hiring trends were already observed going forward in the first phase of the 2017-18 placement season at IIT-Kharagpur where over 1,000 offers by both Indian and global corporates were made. Now the report suggests that tremendous change in Hi-Tech market and onset of new technologies will create a need for new skills and employers will be hiring for newer skill sets.  According to a previous survey, workforce gains are expected in all seven industry sectors during the January-March period. The strongest net employment outlook is reported by services sector employers (+27%). And other three sectors to report upbeat outlooks are finance (+15%), insurance & real estate (+19%) and manufacturing and mining & construction (+20%) sectors.

The experts are also predicting a positive hiring trend.  Here are few expert views:  

Shanthi Naresh, India business leader, Talent consulting and Information solutions, Mercer, shares that newer roles are emerging in supply chain planning, analytics, demand planning, computer imagery, store design, merchandising etc. She further said, “With the evolution in the value chain of work and the advent of such transformational roles, companies are looking at increasing headcount.”

Mr. Nicolas Dumoulin, Managing Director, Michael Page India, said, “The increasing hiring activity that we have witnessed in the past year is expected to surge further in 2018. India’s robust economic growth will result in employment growth, especially in the supply chain, manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics & warehousing, financial accounting, data sciences, technology and renewable energy sectors. We expect strong hiring activity in the infrastructure and manufacturing spaces, as a result of the proactive initiatives by the Government of India. The increased development of national infrastructure (roads, railways, ports) in India and with work commencing on these projects, we expect recruitment to pick up in this space.”

Dr. Gayathri Vasudevan, Co-Founder, and CEO of LabourNet, said that there will be a churn and an increase in work opportunities will be seen particularly in the service sector. She said, “Health sectors, beauty sector, and consumption related service sector will see a rise in the employment. Given the increasing importance of education, more opportunities in the teaching profession will also come up. These professionals will heavily be in demand.” 

In conclusion, it can be said that it will be a more hopeful year for employees, both old and new if they continue to grow and learn and leverage the new work opportunities coming up in 2018. 

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