Article: Candidate Driven Mobile Recruiting


Candidate Driven Mobile Recruiting

In todays war for talent, mobile recruitment needs to be much more candidate driven to attract and hire the best talent. Here are the top reasons for doing so
 Candidate Driven Mobile Recruiting

When it comes to mobile recruiting people often talk about user friendly, mobile optimized career sites. In today’s world where there is a war for talent, mobile recruitment needs to be much more candidate driven to attract and hire the best talent. The idea is to create your talent brand through career sites and your presence on social networks. It is also about offering seamless application experience followed by prompt updates via SMS, email or calls to candidates. There are many reasons for doing so:

High competition in the labor market

 Compared to last recession, or even just a few years ago, candidates now have far more power during the job search. Today, applicants can be more selective about the roles they apply for. The job of the talent acquisition leaders is getting tougher and they must make the experience more splendid for the candidates right from the very beginning. 

Aggressive candidate pool

As per a research mostly all passive candidates in India can be considered approachable. Therefore, it is best to create more ways for them to find you than to drive them to a competitor.

High expectations from candidates

 With a very high usage of mobile apps these days, tech savvy professionals have a different level of experience from mobile recruitment. Offering a sub-par candidate experience will only serve to compound the problems of a candidate-driven job market.

Importance of social media to millennials

 Every organization hiring the millennials is interested to know what drives them. Social media sharing is very important to millennials. Social and mobile are natural partners in recruiting. Mobile recruiting without social media is like a recruiter without a phone.

The best part is that metrics can support an investment in candidate driven mobile recruiting. You can measure how many jobseekers visit your career site / job postings on social networking sites on their smartphones versus on a laptop. You simply need to count the completed applications and drop offs on mobile versus computer. These metrics will likely support strategic spending on mobile recruiting in future.



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