Article: Don't swallow the cost of bad technical hire

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Don't swallow the cost of bad technical hire

Hiring the right talent or the right job gains spotlight for specialized roles like technical roles where IT recruiters, despite a different background need to overcome the challenge of having right technical conversations with the candidates.
Don't swallow the cost of bad technical hire

A recent study by Harvard revealed that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to “BAD HIRE”. Another research states that the cost of a bad hire is at least 30% of employee’s first year salary. Put these numbers together and imagine the mammoth cost of bad hires that industries such as banking & financial services, hospitality etc. where the turnover rates are high, swallow. Hence it is critical to hire the right candidate for the right job. 

And this fact gains increased importance when it comes to hiring specialized roles like technical roles where the global competition is fierce and IT recruiters may not have the right background to be able to reveal actual project experience during interviews. The most widely adopted IT screening methods sacrifice the quality of the assessment for a quick turnaround and are limited to gauging technical competency only. 

eTeki is a marketplace where “Buyers” are HR professionals, hiring managers and the “Service Providers/Sellers” are freelance IT professionals delivering technical interviews.

A good way of overcoming this gap is to take the candidates through interviews performed by a practicing technologist before presenting the shortlist. However, with the increasing need for agility and the volume of interviews needed to keep pace with hiring demands, using just internal team may become unmanageable. 

Bala Nemani, Founder of eTaki

To help recruiters and staffing partners in providing right technical talent to hiring managers with speed, eTeki offers technical interviewing services in legacy and emerging technologies in virtually every specialization needed in today’s tech-driven, global marketplace. The company is founded by Bala Nemani, who has a passion for candidate fit which comes from decades of experience as an IT solutions and staffing executive.

Designed as best-in-class platform with a turnaround time of just 24 hours, eTeki:

  • Facilitates sourcing of the most qualified technical interviewers
  • Scheduling of the interview 
  • Capturing the interview via video
  • Delivering expert feedback to recruiters

The streamlined process decreases the length of time it takes to schedule, conduct, and score a candidate’s technical skills. Recruiters can use both the video archive and the written report as their ammunition to get top candidates interviewed by the hiring manager quickly.

With a current pool of 1,500 IT professionals signed up, the innovative marketplace plans to certify 10,000 freelance IT pros as technical interviewers this year. As the organizations become more agile and focused on specialized hiring, platforms like eTeki are a must-have on any IT recruiter’s agenda. Please visit

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