Article: GPS for hiring success


GPS for hiring success

Day 1 of People Matters TechHR 2017 saw interesting panel discussion by Industry leaders discussing how technology is making difference when it comes to recruiting.

Technological advancement in recruitment landscape is significantly impacting employment scenario of varied sectors. As predicted, machine learning and robotics will lead to automation of several jobs. Currently, mobile internet and cloud technology along with big data applications are considered biggest drivers of change. So, what skills will be needed by recruitment teams of tomorrow?

Vijay Sharma, Co-founder & CEO at, explained recruitment teams need to create talent maps for better hiring. He says, “GPS like google maps helps us navigate, in a similar way, recruitment teams of tomorrow need to create talent maps before hunting for the right candidates. For example - if an organization is hiring for CFO or VP Finance, first, they need to get information on – what kind of people are available in the industry today for this position? What salaries do they have? And who they work with and then decide and design ways to possibly hire them. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, undeniably is a big thing today.  It is possible today as there is a lot of public data that is available, apart from this lot of data that is sitting inside HRMS systems of a lot of organizations. Therefore, public data along with private data that is available can help you do better matching. So, the creation of talent maps is essential.”


How to really use technology in HR to make a difference?

Yuvraj Srivastava, Group Chief Human Resource Officer at explained, “To narrow down the whole selection process is all about machine learning and artificial intelligence. The whole thought behind this is to identify behaviors and patterns of people and convert them into learning. This will make decision-making lot faster. But today, AIML has not gone beyond a certain point. Basically, the idea was to use it to improve efficiency. Our ecosystem has got more evolved and complexities in the system have increased. There is a lot of data that is sitting in different corners. So, one should be able to get data from 3-4 sources, to make the process lot easier. It will be really helpful if hiring managers get data from different places and do recruiting.  Also, for AI and machine learning to be successful, while hiring visualization by hiring managers should be 5 to 10 years down the line for a job role.”

Recruitment is a business leader’s job

Ganesh Lakshminarayanan, COO, Capillary Technologies, says, “Recruitment is not  an HR job. Recruitment is a business leader’s job. Ultimately who you recruitment and ensure that person stays in the company is the business leader’s job. The minute the recruitment is outsourced to HR it fails”

HR can never be in Isolation 

Yuvraj Srivastava adds, “HR hiring processes pertains to people. The moment the jobs get compartmentalized –then it becomes a problem. When organizations began considering it as a source, not a human being then the business fails. The process of hiring which can never be in isolation it has to be in collaboration.”

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