Article: Here are the most popular jobs among the entry-level job seekers


Here are the most popular jobs among the entry-level job seekers

As per a latest research by Indeed, technical job roles are most sought after by entry-level job seekers across sectors.
Here are the most popular jobs among the entry-level job seekers

Indeed's latest research highlights that the most popular job searches among people with less than five years’ work experience (entry-level job seekers), are not for positions that offer the highest annual salary, but rather for positions in sectors that have traditionally been key drivers of economic growth and hold the potential for career advancement in the long run.

Here is the list:

Job Title Popularity Index Average Annual Salary
CAD Technician 5.2 ₹188,156
Java Developer 4.8 ₹257,699
CAD Designer 4.7 ₹208,473
Mechanical Designer 4.6 ₹235,034
Mechanical Engineer 3.9 ₹195,619
Quality Engineer 3.7 ₹190,833
Design Engineer 3.7 ₹208,992
Junior Software Engineer 3.4 ₹213,880
CAD Drafter 3.4 ₹208,884

Computer and engineering-related roles lead the popularity index

According to Indeed’s Popularity Index 1, which is calculated to indicate how much more popular a given job role is among entry-level job seekers versus non-entry-level job seekers, the position of Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician is over 5 times more popular among new entrants into the architecture sector, than with experienced job seekers. Similarly, roles for Java Developer, Mechanical Engineer and Junior Software Engineer are also significantly more popular among entry-level job seekers as compared to non-entry-level job seekers.

Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India, said, “Jobs in the future will increasingly require specialized skill sets, not only in terms of the technical requirements of the given role but also a requisite level of soft skills, which is essential to navigate the professional landscape of the future. Job seekers too are setting their sights on such jobs, which does not only pay well but also has a better scope in terms of career progression in the long run.”

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