Article: Here’s how to make a potential employer fall in love with you


Here’s how to make a potential employer fall in love with you

Here are some useful tips to remember if youre applying for a job
Here’s how to make a potential employer fall in love with you

Are you looking for ways to impress a potential employer or trying to make your job application stand out from the pack? Applying for job interviews is all about making the right impression and putting your best foot forward to bag your dream role.However, it's essential to know that while your job application may look great on paper, not everyone is going to love you just by what’s written on your CV. Often, organizations look for other traits in candidates, so how do you make yourself appealing to employers? 

Here are a few pointers to make potential employers fall in love with you.

1. Highlight your accomplishments:

Ensure that your job application highlights all your accomplishments, references, certificates from courses relevant to the job, awards and accolades earned, etc.Put them all on your CV.  Remember this is your chance to shine, so the more you show your worth, the better chance. At the same time, you must be innovative and bring something new to the table that makes you different from other applicants.  On your customized application, make sure you focus on the projects completed and the skills earned over time for maximum impact. 

2. Create a professional social media presence

It’s important to be aware that these days employers check out the social media presence as well as the resume of a candidate. So, it’s important that you update your profile professionally on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. Social media is a great place to make connections so it can help create a presence for you and establish your expertise in your domain.The other reason why keeping your social media profiles need to be up to date is to enable your recruiter to ascertain your cultural fitment for the company. Most recruiters may peruse your social media accounts to gain some insights into your personality, so ensure that your social profiles are appropriate for business and have something exciting to tell about you. 

3. Only apply for jobs you qualify:

The last thing a candidate would want to do is waste the time of a hiring manager. And the best way to ensure this is to only apply for jobs that you have the qualifications for. Each application or resume usually gets only 5 minutes of review time, so don’t create the wrong first impression by showcasing an application that isn’t just relevant.If you find the job advertised by the company not suitable to your qualifications, but are still interested in any future roles that may match up, then you can upload your resume in the upcoming roles section.

4. Ask relevant questions about the job role:

A general rule of thumb to follow is never to ask any questions regarding information that can already be found on the firm’s website or a general search on the internet. Recruiters would expect you to do your homework about the company before the interview. Hence, ask key questions that will help you understand if you would like to work for the company or about the kind of policies and culture of the brand. Frame your questions around the work style followed, the process for delivering key initiatives ahead, ask about key responsibility areas, upper-level engagement in projects, or if it’s a supervisory or an individual contributor role, etc.

5. Have clarity and confidence: 

Sometimes, even after doing everything alright or having the right skills for the job, you may not make it through the interview. Or it is possible that during the process, you fail to answer the interview questions correctly. In such times, it is important to be confident enough to steer through such minor hiccups and present a self-assured stance. Besides, it is also important to be open, honest and transparent to your recruiter about your job history, skills, experience and everything else on the resume to impress them with your integrity. 

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