Article: How a beer bottle got him the dream job


How a beer bottle got him the dream job

How far would you go to bag your dream job? Liam, a digital company employee whose hobby was to brew beer at home, did something nobody had!
How a beer bottle got him the dream job

Rye River Brewing Company was in for a total surprise when Liam Tutty, a home brewer, sent his refreshingly unique CV to them. Apparently, Liam re-created one of the brewery’s most famous lager bottle -- McGargles. The interesting part is yet to come – he replaced the famous McGargles logo with his own cartoonized-picture and with the words “Liam wants a job”. On the bottle, he also mentioned the website link which elaborately described his professional experience.

The 32-year old sent his out-of-the-box application even when the brewing company wasn’t advertising to recruit. For his job application, he brewed the company’s special lager in his own basement. Liam said to The Mirror “My job wasn’t advertised but when I read about the expansion I felt sure they would have a place for me. I also thought if they didn’t, the beer might stay in their mind and if a post come up at some point in the future they might think ‘who was that lunatic who sent us beer?’ I was proud of the product but nervous as I thought the person would either laugh or I would be written off as the madman of the brewing company. My wife said if he doesn’t laugh he’s probably not the kind of person you want to work for – but he did. I think the package was attention grabbing too as Niall Phelan, Founder of the brewery, said his first thought was ‘why has someone sent me a pipe bomb.’”

McGargles quirky tagline ‘You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your beer” is proof enough why Rye River Brewing as an employer responded to creative Liam’s eccentric job application. The founder of Rye River Brewing was so amazed when he received the application that he decided to call him as soon as he received it. Liam Tutty’s Linkedin profile confirms that the beer enthusiast is now indeed onboard with Rye River Brewing Company. Liam Tutty is now the Digital Head of the Irish Beer Company. The fact that Liam’s ingenious job application went viral on the internet also tells us that apart from being a fine beer brewer, he is a creative digital strategist, and he does know how to get his ball rolling.

Millenial jobseekers who wish to undertake creative pursuits can take a cue from this. An employer who has to sift through hundreds and thousands of CVs to find the right fit would certainly be pleased to see an out-of-box application that has thoughtfully attempted to get into the skin of the job. 

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