Article: How Great Learning is your answer to entry level hiring

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How Great Learning is your answer to entry level hiring

In this digitally transformed world and constantly evolving requirements, corporations need a pipeline of highly skilled talent pools to achieve business outcomes. Great Learning closely works with organisations to create a sustainable and scalable pipeline of trained talent who can be immediately hired and deployed on projects.
How Great Learning is your answer to entry level hiring

Earlier this year, NASSCOM had projected that the Indian IT industry will recruit 138,000 employees in FY21.There is a rising demand in the arena of emerging technologies with companies racing to get the best hires into their units. One critical facet of this recruitment race is entry level hiring. 

Great Learning is one of the leading ed-tech organizations with a pan India presence and offers digital skills based courses to learners in collaboration with the world’s leading institutes such as Stanford, Northwestern, IIT Roorkee and MIT. 

Great Learning provides a platform to freshers to take up courses in data science, full stack, cloud computing, sales & business development and digital marketing . These courses make freshers relevant to the hiring demands in emerging technology and aid organizations in their tasks of increasing the head counts in emerging market trends. 

In addition, GL also has a partnership with 400+ colleges across the country, and offers 2 lakh+ pre-assessed entry level candidates to organisations looking to hire digitally fluent talent. 1200+ hiring partners such as Deloitte, ZS Associates, Dell, Capgemini, Informatica, etc. have hired trained and assessed learners from Great Learning. These candidates are ready to be deployed on live projects and are able to create immediate impact. 

Inherent Strengths of Great Learning Platform:-

  • One Stop Solution- Support hiring teams during Sourcing, Assessment, Interview Coordination, Offer & Joining)
  • Cost Effective: Sourcing is done at no cost
  • Time Effective: Entire process can be completed within a few days
  • Less Hiring Team’s Bandwidth: Dedicated operational support provided by GL during virtual process
  • Relevance of profiles: Targeting available based on hiring requirements
  • Pre-screened pool: Talent pool is pre assessed on Technical, Aptitude & Soft Skills

A significant hiring challenge that companies face these days is the paucity of time. There are multiple responsibilities to carry on a day to day basis which is often difficult to balance with the intensive recruitment process. By hosting career fairs, job boards, networking sessions and hackathons and even setting up placement teams, Great Learning offers new and easy channels to engage with the fresh talent as against earlier methods of hiring. In this fast paced world of work, having access to a market of skilled freshers cuts down the time and efforts organisations have to invest in to meet the demands of the hiring cycle. 

To carry on the processes of talent acquisition and the digital skilling of freshers through one single platform is an asset to have. One cannot deny that the future of talent, the future of people and work is digital and the race to innovate and achieve success is at an all time high. To move at this rapid pace, to not be left behind, it is very important to bring in the right talent and to create more learning opportunities. Great Learning recognises this and provides solutions that not only reduce your deployment time through pre-assessed candidates, but also enables you to achieve your business goals faster. 

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