Article: It will be ‘Hot’ this recruitment season: Week-MaRs job survey


It will be ‘Hot’ this recruitment season: Week-MaRs job survey

The objective of the survey was to identify entry-level job profiles and opportunities that are likely to be in demand in the forthcoming recruitment season.
It will be ‘Hot’ this recruitment season: Week-MaRs job survey

The Week recently came out with The Week-MaRs survey 2016, which gives insights into hiring trends, start-up landscape, hiring and job creation this year. The survey identified the top sectors wherein the employees found their jobs ‘hot’ and the results were as follows: E-commerce (64%), Advertising (63.3%), Aviation (63.3%), Retail (61.1%) and Telecommunication (59.2%).

The objective of the survey was ‘to identify entry-level job profiles and opportunities that are likely to be in demand in the forthcoming recruitment season.’ The survey brought to light the student’s choice of employment, and male students preferred Banking and finance (22.8%) followed by Information technology (11.6%), whereas female students had the same preferences but the figures stood at 30.9% and 12.5%, respectively.  It also quantified the instances of women having faced sexual harassment at work, and found that among all age groups, 16.3% of women who had worked, but are now home-makers and 13.4% of homemakers who are now employed faced sexual harassment. 

The report also identified the upcoming trends for entry-level jobs, and the growth in the overall hiring was estimated to be about 10%. Unsurprisingly, the IT sector emerged as the sector likely to be the top hirer, with about 3, 00,000 jobs being added in this sector alone. Tailing a close second, the E-Commerce and Start-Up fields together could add up to 2, 75,000 jobs. Similarly, banking and financial services are expected to create 2, 70,000 jobs and the Pharmaceutical sector also shows positive signs and could easily be the top hirer this year. Furthermore, the report suggested that the demand for business analysts in the data mining industry will increase this year, along with the fact that manufacturing and engineering sectors adding more jobs than before. 

The survey was conducted among three respondent segments – human resources managers, head hunters and students in their final year of graduation. The total achieved sample size was 100 companies from major Indian metros. The survey also talked about upon the changing landscape of hiring, and reaffirmed the importance of social media in recruitment. The survey categorically listed the amount of ‘buzz’ that different sectors created, and how ‘hot’ they were considered. The survey also revealed some other interesting insights, like:

  1. 83% of the organisations said that they did not specifically look for individuals who can speak multiple languages, besides Hindi and English.

  2. 65.7% of the HR Managers said that they would hire people with more experience.

  3. 95.5% of the HR Managers said that there is enough talent pool in India.

  4. 40% of the HR Managers said that they use social media to find the right candidates for their senior posts.

  5. 20% of the organisations said that they have been creating jobs for retired people.

The study also attempted to understand of the much talked-about millennial workforce a little better, and talked about how millennials are influencing companies in more ways than one. Furthermore, the report looked at the emerging trends in freelancing opportunities, and identified motivating factors for individuals in careers that are not necessarily traditional. Lastly, the report also talked about the start-up culture, and how comfortably collaborations are happening in a free environment, by taking Pocket Aces as a case study. 

The Week-MaRS Survey 2016 reiterates the popular discourse around the Indian hiring trends, and quantifies several aspects of the same. The survey allows one to statistically compare various sectors on different parameters, and also establishes how sough-after they are in the current year. An annual feature from the magazine, this year’s survey encompasses the changes being witnessed across the nation, and the globe, in terms of recruitment, freelancing, start-ups and millenails. 

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