Article: Leveraging inbound leads to find the right candidate

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Leveraging inbound leads to find the right candidate

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What do great companies do to attract top talent? What is part of their strategic toolkit? Here's a look at some of the things to be kept in mind while opting for inbound recruiting to recruit transformational talent.
Leveraging inbound leads to find the right candidate

Almost half the employers in India today talk about finding it difficult to fill jobs while we have so many people who are unemployed. There are two critical factors in this dynamics, interest, and skills. Most of the job recruiters believe that people who have both interest and expertise are passive job seekers and thus they overlook the profile of active job seekers. 

For many recruiters, the big prize has always been, passive candidates but if looked closely the active ones are important as they are ready for a change and the companies need to put little efforts in convincing them to move jobs. Successful recruiting starts with active candidates. There is a false perception that all suitable candidates are actually passive. According to the Indeed survey report, 92% of adults hired within the past year took action within the six months before being hired. So, a bulk of people who got hired in the last six months were the ones actively looking for jobs. 

What can organizations do to help find the right active job seekers? 

Organic search: Make sure that when people are searching for jobs, they find you. You can do this by ensuring job descriptions on your website, and all other listing sites are correctly optimized. This will help you build own pool of candidates and engage with job seekers. 

Paid search: Often people just go through the first page of any search engine, so it is vital to ensure your content is appearing right at the top.  

Online amplification: While you may constantly be putting out job opportunities, it is absolutely essential to track which source gives you what kind of traffic. This will help you invest your time and money in the right talent space. 

Employer brand: Recruiting companies often overlook the need to become a brand. As said by Shashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India, “Employer brand is important to staffing companies because you need to get job seekers to start trusting you and believing that you can help them dive into the right opportunity and provide the right advice.”  

Some things to keep in mind while opting for inbound recruiting

Engaging content: It is important to note that inbound recruiting only works if people are engaging with your content. So, make sure to create engaging content to share your jobs and employer brands which includes appropriate keywords. Areas you need to focus on are job titles, job descriptions, blogs, social media posts and career sites. 

Right source: Measure and monitor results, evaluate ROI and optimize your recruitment spend on the highest performing source. While working on source tracking and investing in them, make sure you’re giving the source time to perform. 

Keep it simple: Make sure that your application process is amazingly simplistic and engages candidates during every step of the process. Candidate experience is crucial. 

Stay informed: Be sure to stay up to date with the industry trends and have conversations with candidates about their behaviors to understand what’s currently hot in the market.  

Meenakshy Sridhar, Head Recruitment, Corporate and service functions, Reliance Industries Ltd, sums it up by shedding light on the fact that this is an evolving field and there is continuous improvement required. Gone are the days when people don't know what they are getting into, so it is crucial that every aspect of an organization right from job descriptions to letting them know what's in it for them is clearly laid out.


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