Article: On building a diverse talent container with the right HR technology: CEIPAL

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On building a diverse talent container with the right HR technology: CEIPAL

While building a talent container will become a core component of any organization’s business strategy this year, incorporating the element of diversity will also be critical. Choosing the right recruitment platform to achieve this will be a key differentiator.
On building a diverse talent container with the right HR technology: CEIPAL

Talent is one of the greatest variables and assets in any organization’s business strategy. It defines the trajectory ahead, as HR leaders grapple with outcomes resulting from digital transformation and “the great resignation.” Thoughtful strategies have to be put in place to gain a competitive advantage in the massive race for talent acquisition and to gain a competitive advantage in both the talent market and in larger industrial circles. Technology, of course, has become one of the most critical drivers in achieving this. 

Forbes reports that a recent survey conducted by WeWork and Workplace Intelligence reveals that 79% of the C-suite encourages their employees to adopt a hybrid work model if their job permits it. In other words, the future of work is likely to be more hybrid than ever before. Josh Millet, Founder & CEO of Criteria emphasizes in his latest article, ‘Companies will need to update their hiring platforms for the remote work era, which means the optimization of video interviewing and the use of digital search platforms that provide access to qualified candidates from around the world.’ 

In line with this thought, Sameer Pekalapati, Founder & CEO of CEIPAL brings to light the very intriguing concept of the ‘Talent Container,’ which in simple terms is a database of prospective applicants that are curated based on various external and internal data sources. CEIPAL’s recruitment platform uses AI technology to achieve exactly this. The talent container is a key resource in helping organizations accommodate the remote work era by leveraging technology to attract and retain talent. This approach to total talent management encompasses multiple recruitment pathways in one space. 

Empowering the diversity agenda by leveraging HR technology: 

A number of benefits are known to surface from enabling the creation of a talent container, including cost and time savings for the sourcing of candidates for repetitive jobs, reduction in overall hiring costs for both temporary and full-time employees, and the creation of a diversity of options. Re-focusing our lens on diversity will be critical in any talent strategy. HBR reports that DE&I outcomes might worsen in a hybrid world without proper intervention, and recruitment platforms are indeed the starting point of that very intervention. A talent container strategy does not automatically bring diversity to the workplace and to the recruiters. Finding diversity requires that an organization’s prospective candidate sourcing is curated from various talent sources.

Besides setting diversity goals, the right recruitment platform will leverage advanced AI-driven automation tools to audit the current workforce and dissect its demographic makeup with categories that include gender, ethnicity, equity, and other related categories available to see where it currently stands.

The use of social recruiting for increasing talent accessibility:

Following this, a host of processes of an AI-driven recruitment platform will enable that various talent communities to be built in order to welcome a host of candidates who not only meet your skill needs and fit your company culture, but also who come from various backgrounds with a range of diverse employment histories. A modern tactic for carrying this out is the use of social recruiting, which relies on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to attract prospective employees. As digital tools from these platforms have become increasingly accessible, it has become easier to find and hire across all segments of the population. This is yet another important method of sourcing diverse candidates. 

What puts CEIPAL a step ahead of other recruiting platforms is its non-traditional hiring capabilities, which enable the creation of a unique and diverse talent container. Culture mapping also plays an invaluable role in this process. This is not simply about hiring diverse talent.

It is equally critical that all acquired talent is properly aligned with your organization’s DE&I goals. In short, recruitment platforms have a tremendous influence in building and sustaining the diversity culture of any organization. 

Incorporating non-traditional methods of hiring through increased automation:

Penkalapati attests to this unique feature of CEIPAL when it comes to cultural mapping as well as social recruiting. He highlights how in a typical corporation, talent can be acquired by searching through career portals, employee referrals, databases of former employees and contractors, college campus hiring events, job boards, and long lists of curated candidates developed through other talent procurement events. But, a properly built talent container is one that sits on top of an organization’s existing ATS with built-in AI sourcing and ranking functionality. ‘The consolidation of these advanced technologies can together create the most powerful sourcing platform that recruiters and hiring managers have ever seen. This enables internal staffing professionals to recruit candidates for even those positions that are extremely niche or industry-specific,’ he points out. 

IDC predicts that the year 2022 will witness 60% of G2000 businesses deploying AI- and ML-enabled platforms to support the entire employee life-cycle experience from onboarding through retirement. In other words, the incorporation of HR technology into multiple HR functions is only set to increase. With talent management being a significant component of every organization’s strategy for business transformation, choosing the right recruitment platform will have a tremendous impact on the culture of the organization in the hybrid working world. Diversity must be integrated into any talent management platform that hopes to keep pace in the modern era. This is one of many things CEIPAL helps to achieve. CEIPAL’s talent acquisition automation features can bring in the talent that you need, while also setting the cultural foundation of your organization. Such innovative technology is critical to any organization striving to reach new heights in what we like to call “the future of work.” 

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