Article: Recruitment workflows are likely to move online across sectors: V. Suresh,


Recruitment workflows are likely to move online across sectors: V. Suresh,

In this interview with People Matters, the Chief Sales Officer of talks about the emerging talent needs of the Indian market.
Recruitment workflows are likely to move online across sectors: V. Suresh,

With the Indian recruitment tech market attracting the attention of global players like Linkedin, Indeed and Career Builder amongst others, where does India grown players stand? In this interview with People Matters, V. Suresh the Chief Sales Officer at talks about what the company is doing to address the emerging needs of the Indian market and how do they view competition of various types. 

With a lot of activity in talent acquisition space especially with the use of new age technology like AI and robotics - how are you redesigning Naukri's basic offering?

Using machines for matchmaking has been a feature in Naukri’s products in the past too. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are now looking to leverage personalization to add value to both recruiters and job seekers. For example, Job application ranking based on learning based match score, auto recommending matching candidates against a Job description, real-time job recommendations to jobseekers basis their profile etc.  are some of the areas where we are looking to use AI to help improve our offerings. 

What is the future product roadmap for Naukri? Are you looking to be anything beyond a job board?

At Naukri, our endeavor is to enhance the engagement of recruiters and job seekers on our platform. Apart from resume database access and job listings, we are also looking to provide a seamless hiring experience through our in-house ATS – Naukri RMS (Recruitment Management System). The idea is to provide an end-to-end recruitment solution that caters to all the hiring needs (Campus/off-campus/junior/mid and senior) and a platform that automates the entire recruitment process workflow, right from employee requisition to onboarding and beyond.

How do you see the talent acquisition solution space evolving and what role do you see job boards will play in this space. 

With mobile, internet penetration & adoption moving north, all recruitment workflows are likely to move online across sectors. Job boards will become an integral part of the recruitment eco-system and will continue to offer innovative solutions on both web & mobile platforms. There will be a lot more personalization and customization of content to enhance the productivity of recruiters and job seekers.

With Google entering this space via Google Jobs - what are your plans to improve search capabilities within Naukri platform?

At Naukri, we have been working to provide rich, smart and consistent job search experience across all devices and platforms (mobile & web). Given that over 50% of our traffic now comes from mobile, we have enabled an easy “one click apply” feature for job seekers on the app. Jobseekers are now being served with real-time job recommendations from the pool of most relevant jobs across the site. Job Search on the Naukri platform is being made more powerful with personalized search results basis jobseeker profile and past preferences. 

What difference, if at all, are you starting to see in buyer behavior at enterprise vs mid and small industries

Enterprise clients have evolved over the years. They are leveraging the power of e-recruitment and they are likely to enhance the engagement further, whereas SME’s and MSME’s are learning fast and they will benefit a lot from the reach and power of the e-recruitment solutions.

Many specialized employee referral platforms have come in place in the recent past - how different or unique is Naukri is offering in this space.

RMS Referral, Naukri’s employee referral platform is a dedicated offering with an end-to-end referral automation and customization capability. Enterprises can now launch their employee referral programs within a few hours. Naukri referral offers dedicated referral site/mobile app for employees with personalized login and real-time status notifications. Enterprises are provided with comprehensive, fully customizable referral gamification module to enhance employee engagement. 

The USP for Naukri referral lies in the depth of its solution, the ability for enterprises to do white- labeling, & integration with the entire Naukri ecosystem. The solution comes with a classy on-boarding experience for both recruiters and employees.

With employee experience and user experience being the latest trends - how is Naukri looking to revamp the UI to make it more intuitive and simpler to use?

User experience is fast becoming a critical element for any internet product. Naukri has multiple product offerings seemingly integrated with each other and hence product flows and user experience continues to play an important role. We are working on a project to make all our enterprise product offerings seamless with an aim to provide consistent user experience. The aim is to provide contemporary, smart UI coupled with easy, intuitive self-serve regime, which requires minimal handholding at the customer end. On top of this, artificial intelligence will be used to provide smart suggestions to help recruiters do more with less – focussing on ease of discovery and automation of repetitive tasks.

What's the update on Firstnaukri - with many other college focused solutions like Co-Cubes, AlmaMapper and Aspiring minds competing in this space what is Firstnaukri's USP and plans?

Firstnaukri is an exclusive campus hiring platform that offers end-to-end solutions. It does not charge campuses for its services, so colleges, placement cells don’t have to pay. Firstnaukri solutions have helped recruiters reduce campus hiring costs by more than 50%, thus building efficiencies. We worked with 5,000 engineering campuses, 3,500 MBA campuses and 6,500 non-technical graduate campuses last year. There are over half a million students engaged with the platform and over 20,000 students were placed from campus using firstnaukri last year. We worked with 2,000 companies for their campus hiring needs last year.

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