Article: Rewire your on-boarding process with new tech platforms


Rewire your on-boarding process with new tech platforms

Know some of the on-boarding technology providers that are helping companies to streamline their existing process with improved efficiency and engagement.
Rewire your on-boarding process with new tech platforms

The march of technology in many areas of human resources is propelling a new epoch that’s powered by advances in computing, mobility, AI, Robotics and innovation. Especially, progressive companies are trying out new ways of applying technology to these old processes to bring in a much needed change in the function of human resources. By deploying technology enabled solutions across the life cycle of employees, the HR function can speed up faster in bringing more accuracy and predictability to deliver HR services to its internal and external stakeholders. Moreover, it frees up the time and space for the HR function to focus more on providing what technology cannot – the people strategy with high emotional intelligence and a more humane HR. 

One of the most fertile soils to sow the seed of technology is clearly evident in the process of On-boarding. The applicant tracking systems, video interviews, chatbots in screening and other hiring technology based process has already taken a surge in the HR industry. However, on-boarding is something that needs equal importance as conventional wisdom with added research suggests that employees get about 90 days to prove themselves in a new job. And the faster the new hires feel welcome and prepared for their jobs, the quicker they are able to successfully contribute to the company’s goals and mission. In fact, an effective on-boarding strategy has the power to not only to increase employee retention through heightened level of engagement, but also creates lifelong brand ambassadors for the company. Hence, its high time organizations must start re-looking their on-boarding strategy by infusing technology in it for meeting the following objectives:

  • Automation of first day set up on what all tools new hires need.
  • Transparent process for keeping internal and external stakeholders aligned.
  • Constant warm up and connection with potential hires before and during the on-boarding cycle.
  • Robust mechanism to train new hires.
  • Automatic scheduling system for a better communication strategy.
  • Deriving insights on the performance of process and people.
  • Promoting HR teams ROI within the business.

Keeping the above required objectives in mind, let us look at some technology solution providers that are helping companies to bring out a far more efficient on-boarding system in place.

  • Digidesk

This is an electronic document and form management platform designed to eliminate manual data entry and paper documents for providing effective candidate experience. Claiming to reduce up to 95% of manual processing errors and process inefficiencies, it is one of the safe and secure mode of document management system designed to support on-boarding process. The software uses a dynamic form generation algorithm to automatically populate employee-related information into any form that the company requires. Digidesk aims at reducing the paperwork throughout the company and make the whole process of on-boarding significantly paper-free.

  • Greenhouse On-boarding

This helps orchestrate the transition from offer letter till settling in for new hires. Its technology creates customizable profiles so that new employees can introduce themselves and learn about their team members. It helps to organize document and collect information through an easy-to-use e-Signature platform. The reports are made available to see the impact of company’s on-boarding efforts.

  • HROnboard

They help to streamline the essentials of on-boarding process with the objective to provide a smooth transition from candidate experience to new hire experience. The solution reduces empty chair time and takes the complexity out of the on-boarding process. Integrating the demographical angle in reference to every role, team, company, and location; it brings unique rules and content that personalizes each journey to suit the needs of the team while creating an amazing employee experience.

  • Talmundo

This is an employee on-boarding solution for HR teams that allows businesses to create a custom self-service platform for new hires. The cloud-based platform is mobile optimized that helps users to create a custom on-boarding journey for their new hires with tools for managing welcome content, creating to-do lists, building custom forms, outlining an on boarding roadmap, collecting feedback and scheduling time-released training modules.

  • Zed-Axis Solution

The Employee On-Boarding (EOB) System helps in defining and viewing the complete on-boarding process in a transparent manner through their automated workflows. It allows users to track the status of each task that helps each member to clearly understand about their responsibilities and provide fresh hires and company’s HR with a hassle free on-boarding experience.

To summarize, employee on-boarding with infusing technology is the way for the future. An intelligent, efficient, hassle free and personalized on-boarding experience is what is being re-wired through the use of such platforms. And several companies have already begun embracing various on-boarding tech tools available in market with no dearth of choices to choose.  

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