Article: Sapient's new hiring campaign is called Troublemakers


Sapient's new hiring campaign is called Troublemakers

Sapient India has come up with this unique campaign called the Troublemakers - a hunt for the extraordinary minds not afraid to question the rules and disrupt them to create new.
Sapient's new hiring campaign is called Troublemakers

Everybody talks about recruiting the ‘extraordinary’ talent, but in the already existing process those ‘extraordinary’ become just regular and non-descript usual talent who do not question the statusquo. Sapient, part of Publicis Sapient had decided to throw open a campaign called the ‘Troublemakers’ – who are ready to break the boundaries and are not afraid to ask questions in the most ‘inappropriate’ time. 

Looking to increase the company’s headcount by 20% by the end of 2016, Sapient India MD Rajdeep Endow said, “Businesses today seek partners that can guide them through the journey of digital transformation. The Troublemakers campaign is our way of attracting the kind of people who can fuse creativity and technology, along with an understanding of brands and consumers to solve business problems. We see this kind of people important for the success of our clients and our business.”

The ‘Troublemakers’ is a pan India integrated campaign spread over the next 2 months. The campaign will be available across all physical and digital media, social channels, outdoors in Delhi- NCR and Bangalore and experiential installations in all Sapient offices. The experiential installation is what has grabbed the eyeballs in the launch of the Troublemakers campaign. A swing was placed at the venue and participants were asked to get on it with a Virtual-Reality Headset (VR). The visual took participants by a jolt – a creative jolt that makes you look beyond your cubicle/office space which restricts your thought process. The experiential installation was one way of inducting the participants to get into the ‘Troublemakers’ mode. 

 To disrupt, break boundaries requires a new way of thinking. Sapient celebrates the curious, the ‘different’ thinkers and those who choose to stay relevant in a constantly changing world. The company through this campaign unabashedly challenges the status quo and are unwavering in their commitment to solve, innovate and help their clients transform. On LinkedIn, Puja Mehra, Vice President of Sapient Consulting also wrote on Troublemakers – I’m sorry. Did I make you uncomfortable?

“The Troublemakers campaign is a mission to challenge the conventional.  With their disruptive attitude, this unique breed makes trouble that we believe is good. Trouble that is the need of the hour for organizations today. We believe the connected millennials today are gifted with the passion and curiosity that aligns well with our vision,” said K V Sridhar (Pops), Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro India.

The biggest threat we face today isn’t social, mobile, analytics or cloud. It’s the fact that we live in institutions perfectly adapted to an environment that no longer exists. Multi-channel consumption is the new norm today, thus completely changing the way companies attract, engage and transact with the always-on consumer. This kind of disruption requires reimagining of business strategies, which is powered by consumer-centric thinking, user experience, design and technology.

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