Article: upGrad elevate: Your answer to finding future-ready talent and building winning workplaces

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upGrad elevate: Your answer to finding future-ready talent and building winning workplaces

Trapped by the limitations of traditional recruitment pathways, upGrad elevate presents a unique opportunity for growing enterprises to access hybrid talent pools and bridge the growing skill gap.
upGrad elevate: Your answer to finding future-ready talent and building winning workplaces

Business recruitments of today are no longer about meeting the current skill demand but rather cultivating a set of highly skilled professionals ready to take on the future of work. What we cannot deny is that this is found in a talent pool of dedicated learners. When faced with an unpredictable and increasingly automated business landscape, those who polish their skillsets time and again, in line with changing industry expectations, win.  

As companies across industries embrace innovative recruitment formats, expansion of talent pools is the dominant trend in the talent marketplace. One exciting way this has been carried out is at upGrad elevate, a quarterly event that connects companies open to hiring with industry-ready, agile, and upskilled candidates.

Being a leader in the domain of upskilling and round-the-year hiring, the event is designed to not only meet the skill demands of upGrad’s hiring partners but is also a forum where industry experts come together to deliberate the dominant currents that will steer and shift the direction of the business landscape. 

The day-long affair encompasses several events along with hiring, including pre-placement talks, alumni fireside chats, leadership chats, and even hackathons and competitions to find the right skill match for businesses amid a teeming pool of highly skilled learners and professionals. If this isn’t enough to pique your interest, here are three more reasons why upGrad elevate is the answer to building a winning workforce to spearhead your company’s vision for the future:

Multi-Domain Hiring

Breaking out of age-old trajectories of hiring, where the focus is on a limited number of skill-sets that the recruiter or institution specialises in, upGrad elevate sets itself apart with its keen awareness of the market demand and the range of skills that will rise in importance in the near to mid-term. 

Hence, recruiters and talent leaders of companies can access professionals with competencies in Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Software Development, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Sales, Operations, and so much more. In a world continuously disrupted by advancing digital technologies, upGrad learners hone their skill-sets by taking up digital expertise that will lead to innovation and growth. 

Zero-Cost Hiring

When faced with the uncertainties of today’s talent economy rampant with inflationary pressures and attrition, challenges related to cost often comes up in exploring hybrid and new-age talent pools. One of the outcomes of this is critical roles being left empty for undesirable periods of time combined with an understaffed and exhausted workforce. By bridging the gap between companies and learners at zero cost, the event seeks to benefit both parties. Moreover, it empowers organisations to build the workforce they envision, thereby enabling them to surpass the growth targets. 

Dedicated Relationship Manager

The key ingredient to success in any people-centric process is offering opportunities for personalisation. This applies even more so in hiring new talents because of the unique skill needs of each organisation. From pre-assessed learner profiles that precisely match your hiring criteria to a dedicated account manager who takes charge of the nitty-gritty of the process, from recommending candidate profiles to interview scheduling, upGrad elevate is designed to support and elevate your hiring journey and experience. 

By sourcing top-notch talent that will be an asset to your organisation, you are ready to create an impact in the market at scale. After all, it’s your talent that will determine the path your growing enterprise takes and the opportunities it will explore. 

Adding to the guaranteed visibility and access to 50,000+ learners, the candidates are trained to contribute their best from day one. This shows that upGrad elevate, led by upGrad Placements, is the platform that will make a meaningful difference to the talents you hire and solve burning skill-gap challenges with a future-ready lens. 

Given the quarterly format of this event, organisations who haven’t had the opportunity to capitalise on the benefits of upGrad elevate and experience the new-age world of recruitment still have the chance to do so. By joining the upGrad talent economy, where fast-growing companies such as iMocha, IndiaMART, and global companies like Google and UKG attract future-ready professionals, your talent strategy will be geared towards embracing the future of work. 

As we talk at length about innovative recruitment pathways, it’s time that organisations step into partnerships with new-age platforms and diversify their talent hunt in the face of a tight and highly competitive labour market. To know more about upGrad elevate and revolutionise your recruitment game plan, click here

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