Article: Walmart Hires 165, Flipkart 166, Intellect 302, Amazon Offers 150 PPIs & Juspay 2610 Via Hiring Challenges

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Walmart Hires 165, Flipkart 166, Intellect 302, Amazon Offers 150 PPIs & Juspay 2610 Via Hiring Challenges

The war for talent is back on and companies today need ways to clear the clutter, find better talent, and ensure they provide a strong employee experience. Is hiring through competitions and hackathons the answer?
Walmart Hires 165, Flipkart 166, Intellect 302, Amazon Offers 150 PPIs & Juspay 2610 Via Hiring Challenges

Companies today face stiff competition when it comes to finding the right talent. Trends like the ‘Great Resignation are bringing more employees into the workforce. Over 7 million jobs have recently been posted online, with one million just coming from March. While these numbers are from the US market, a similar trend is being observed across leading global markets including India.  

A rapidly changing business ecosystem means companies have to keep updating their talent requirements. To ensure hiring remains impactful, companies have solutions to cut through the noise. This is where Dare2Compete, with its broad range of solutions, helped companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Tata, Reliance, Hero, and Juspay to hire the best through innovative competitions and impactful hackathons. All done in an easy and hassle-free manner. 

By leveraging Dare2Compete solutions, these companies were able to:

  • Use competitions/ hackathons to address their talent requirements.
  • Expand their talent pools and source new candidates.
  • Position themselves as a strong employer brand.
  • Build and curate mass hiring programs all through a simple platform.
  • Find the right talent that is job-ready.

We take an in-depth look at how some of these companies benefited from Dare2Compete.

Walmart exceeded gender diversity mandates by hiring 165 students

Using Dare2Compete’s tailored hackathon meant for female coders, Walmart Global Tech India 

was able to hire more than its gender diversity mandate. With an ever-growing number of companies creating mandates to diversify their employee base, recruiters face the challenge of finetuning their hiring practices. Tailored mass recruitment drives like hackathons have proved effective in this regard.

With Dare2Compete, Walmart was able to hire 165 female coders and gained over 51,053 registrations across different engineering colleges. The coding challenge called CodeHers enabled them to expand their overall reach and hire people who were a job fit. Not only did the coding challenge help them meet their gender diversity mandate, Dare2Compete helped them exceed it. 


  • Raised the share of female workers in the Walmart Global India Tech team from 35% to 56%.
  • Hired the best coders across the country on a single platform.
  • Met their requirement in a short period without any hassle.
  • Found job-ready talent. 

Flipkart closed 1/3rd of its B-School hiring through WiRED 

Flipkart’s flagship B-School case competition WiRED is designed to identify talent with the right skills and provide the company with easy access to MBA candidates. Last year, in its fifth season, the company hired 58 MBA students through Flipkart WiRED.

With over 39,272 registrations in the competition, Dare2Compete helped Flipkart find the best management talent across the country. The competition was designed and executed in a hassle-free manner and helped Flipkart address its talent issues.  

Overall, they hired 166 MBA & Engineering students through different campus challenges. 


  • Reached out to and selected the best talent from a broad pool.
  • Saved time and money engaging with candidates on a single platform.
  • Conducted fair and bias-free assessments to find the right candidates.
  • Leveraged the competition to create ideas and solutions to their real-world business problems.

Intellect hired 302 students at INR 5 LPA CTC

Dare2Compete helped Intellect raise the bar of its hiring numbers. With 302 hires, Intellect addressed a major chunk of its talent needs and expanded its hiring reach. By exploring newer talent pools, the company was able to hire people with diverse skillsets. 

Additionally, the hiring process was simpler and their investments had better returns. Intellect used the hackathon to address some of its pressing talent concerns and find job-ready candidates. An impactful initiative, the hackathon helped the company explore newer ways to reach the right talent and use tailored assessment to hire the best. 


  • Hire job-fit candidates and diversified their recruitment strategy.
  • Connected with the students easily without excessive expenditure. 
  • Built a strong employer brand.
  • Managed everything on one platform, from launching the competition to offering letters, thus saving resources.

Juspay rolled out 2610 PPI offers

If done right, campus hiring challenges can be greatly beneficial for companies. Not only do they help bring in new talent but if executed in the right manner, companies can ensure the right talent walks through their doors. Juspay organized two hiring hackathons and generated lakhs of registrations. Going on to its third season, The Juspay Developers Hiring Challenge remains a successful way for the company to hire more.  

The hiring hackathon created the right channel for Juspay to make more people know about the company and its culture. This raised their chances of attracting the right talent.


  • Capitalized on hiring challenges to find the right engineering talent.
  • Eliminated bias for their recruitment process, hired the best talent, and got the best talent.
  • Sped up the recruitment process, gaining better returns on their investment.
  • Diversified hiring and tackled niche skillsets requirements.

Ather Energy received 26,693 registrations 

After spending resources by going to at least 40-45 campuses separately to hire the right people, Ather Energy decided to recruit through campus hiring challenges. With Dare2Compete’s curated hackathon they were able to generate over 26,693 registrations in one single campaign. 

Dare2Compete helped them to conduct CRAZE-A-THON: Ather Hiring Challenge. The company went on to offer a CTC of INR 6-12 LPA. The overall campaign helped them hire 100+ candidates through hackathon and Dare2Compete’s campus hiring solutions.


  • Saved time and money by ensuring efforts were centralized through the hackathon.
  • Increased brand awareness and reached a large number of candidates.
  • Managed the entire process in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner.

Hiring Challenges tailored for all

Hiring challenges today provide companies and HR professionals with a cost-effective and impactful manner of addressing their talent concerns. Whether it’s an enterprise company or an SME that’s looking to explore hiring challenges for the first time it's important to note that such challenges are an impactful way of broadening talent pools, cutting through the clutter, and building employer brand among future candidates. 

To know more about the future of hiring challenges and how it can be the solutions to your hiring challenges, tune into a lively event where Ankit Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Dare2Compete will speak to leaders from Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, L'Oréal, Johnson & Johnson, Ather Energy, on how hiring through competitions and hackathon will be an important part of a company’s talent acquisition strategy moving ahead. 

You can register here.

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