Article: Podcast: Looking beyond gender diversity


Podcast: Looking beyond gender diversity

Workplace equity means giving equal value to everyone! Listen to an interesting interaction between Yasmin Taj, Senior Editor, People Matters and Ritu Mehrotra, Country Manager, where the latter talks about creating an equitable workplace by going beyond gender diversity.
Podcast: Looking beyond gender diversity

Listen to this heartfelt discussion where Ritu Mehrotra, Country Manager, shares with Yasmin Taj, Senior Editor at People Matters about her professional and entrepreneurial journey and the key milestones that helped her become the leader that she is today.

In this second episode of People Matters podcast series on "Creating an equitable workplace", listen to Ritu Mehrotra asking organziations to look beyond gender diversity and how is becoming a frontrunner in this regard. Listen to her thoughts on what it takes to become a diverse and inclusive organization.

Stay tuned for many such interesting conversations. Follow SheMatters, a campaign aimed at building an equitable and hence, an equal workplace.



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