Article: 94% of techies feel the huge skill gap and need for re-skilling- Study


94% of techies feel the huge skill gap and need for re-skilling- Study

A study by The Clover Academy claims that 94% of techies in India feel that there is huge gap between academic knowledge and job-specific skill requirements.
94% of techies feel the huge skill gap and need for re-skilling- Study

IT services provider, Clover Infotech, recently released the findings from their study in a report titled, “Reskilling and Indian Workforce” that contrasted the average Indian IT professional’s academic experience against on-the-job skills that s/he needs.

The key findings from the survey were as follows:

• 68% of the employees surveyed would like to learn cloud technologies

• 68.4% of the participants feel banking will witness the maximum technology disruption

• 9 out of 10 technology sector employees feel there is a huge gap between what is taught in academic courses and what is expected on the job 

These numbers point towards the worrying and ever-widening skill-gap that is rooted in the disconnect between academic courses and the skills required on the job. There is thus the growing need to make academic training as relevant to future needs as possible. The key is in being able to apply what is spent years studying.

Kunal Nagarkatti, COO at Clover Infotech, said that, “Rapid digitalization across sectors has created a need for 360 degree skills development. In addition to technical skills, creativity, emotional intelligence, analytical abilities, project management and people skills are required to augment employability.” 

Courses thus need to be able to converge what needs to be taught with what needs to be applied. Without that, there would most likely be a mass of unemployable individual with degrees and certifications.

The survey results also highlights that courses should focus on providing the relevant initial understanding to lay the groundwork on which experience and capabilities can be built. The fact that a huge majority of tech professionals feel the need for reskilling and relooking at the applicability of academic knowledge, this warrants considerable thought and planning to enable change within the system.

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