Article: Can learning be democratized for talent?


Can learning be democratized for talent?

Approach allows people to choose what they feel passionate about, discover their inner callings, explore possibilities
Can learning be democratized for talent?

Most of us in India have grown up and continue to grow up in an era where our education system does not enable us to make choices. Our parents have mostly made the decisions for us. The system has existed for so long and parents justified the need to step in stating that the child is too young to make choices

It is probably a fair argument. But why should that be true in organizations where everyone is an adult? One needs to have the right to make a choice, an informed choice. How can organizations be selfish and propel themselves ahead of their most valued resource, their people? That would be unfair.

Sapient has introduced a new approach to talent development by democratizing learning. This has turned the age-old concept of directed learning in organizations on its head where it allows people to choose what they feel passionate about, discover their inner callings and explore facets of their personality to understand who they want to be and eventually making a choice.

Challenging the conventional methodology of building a learning organization, which relied on directed form of development, the company introduced an approach to create a learning supermarket and allow people to make choices. The platform for learning is provided by the organization, but it does not confine learning to just the boundaries. It encourages people to discover facets of their personality and pursue a longer-term development journey that fulfills their aspirations.

Sapient has unveiled the TALENTNEXT journey for its people across India, with an objective to shift the mindset towards talent development across its leadership and people alike. Talent development is a PULL vs. a PUSH and hence people need to be inspired to engage in a development journey. The inspiration would be more profound if people see value in discovering themselves, their strengths and areas of development and make a choice on the kind of development journey they wish to follow in pursuit of their career or life goals. Sapient as an organization would provide them with different development options and frames to choose from.

The concept has multiple streams for development. Discovery sessions, simulations, one-on-one coaching, one-on-one career counseling, leadership confessions and panel discussions, all running across offices while business continues as usual on the side. This is probably the largest development carnival I have witnessed or been a part of in my career of 23 years in HR.

People are making choices. They choose to participate. They were invited, they were inspired, they came and discovered. They will now make the choice if they wish to pursue further.

TALENTNEXT is a journey to enable potential in people at Sapient and a powerful beginning has been made through the Talent Conclave. TALENTNEXT aspires to embody for Sapient’s people, a journey from self-discovery to exploring different possibilities and eventually enabling their true human potential.

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