Article: It costs about Rs 9,000 to skill a person: Dilip Chenoy


It costs about Rs 9,000 to skill a person: Dilip Chenoy

In conversation with Dilip Chenoy, CEO & MD, NSDC

In the employability industry, the players are the government, the private sector and the assessors. And now as we are expanding, there is a new kind of franchise market opening up in the traditional skill areas that never existed before. On an average, it costs about Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 9,000 in order to skill a person from a low to medium end skill, for example, a mobile phone repair skill, low-end IT skills, etc. Today, roughly around 5 to 6 million people are getting skilled in the country. The official number is 4.3 million but I think there is another 1.5 to 2 million being skilled in the informal market. The average cost per candidate being Rs. 9,000, that is the kind of market size present today. But the addressable market is much larger; the actual potential is that there are 12.8 million people joining the workforce every year. 

Topics: Skilling, Talent Acquisition, C-Suite

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