Article: Gritty people work on their weaknesses


Gritty people work on their weaknesses

Angela Duckworth, Psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, on 'Grit' and what makes Gritty people stand out
Gritty people work on their weaknesses

If people are gritty, they should have demonstrated it in something. It could be in their hobbies, in their relationships, their work etc


Most people will have some component of the work they don’t like. Use your strength to work around your weakness

Abhijit Bhaduri: Is Grit the same as Persistence or Perseverance? Angela Duckworth: I define Grit as having passion for a long-term goal and then working really hard consistently over an extended period of time. Gritty people work towards goals that would take years to achieve. If you are a person who is just working hard and don’t have a consistent goal to guide you, then you don’t have one half of grit. Likewise, you may have the passion for something, but not the resilience. Some people drop out of things they do and it is not because they had a serious setback or something terrible has happened but because of the slow progress. Like in science, you could be working on something that could take years and where you make only a tiny bit of progress every day. You need perseverance for that even though you don’t need resilience. Perseverance or persistence is also a part of grit. Abhijit Bhaduri: You have talked about the importance of self-control in building Grit. ...
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