Article: Sketchnote: Key skills HR professionals must have

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Sketchnote: Key skills HR professionals must have

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An HR professional is expected to be digitally savvy and open to learning new things. Read on to know more about the other skills required in this disruptive world.
Sketchnote: Key skills HR professionals must have

With the ongoing technological disruption, business models are changing at a rapid pace and thus the role of HR professionals are also getting re-invented. There are high expectations from the HR function to effectively drive the business transformation through this disruption. To be able to navigate through this disruption, HR professionals need to re-imagine themselves with a new set of skills. What are some of these skills that are required by the HR professionals in managing this ongoing transformation? 

As part of the Lets Talk Talent initiative, People Matters in partnership with Oracle asked leading people and business leaders about key skills that HR professionals must have. This sketchnote attempts to capture some of the new-age skills which are critical for the HR professionals.

Key skills HR professional must have

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