Article: Rank 11: Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi


Rank 11: Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

Every effort is made to ensure that the students have a profound understanding of business
Rank 11: Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

Established: 1954, Top-scoring parameters: Student Profile, Placements, Leadership & Governance, Campus Life


Differentiator: High academic standards


The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) offers its flagship MBA and several other programmes on North as well as South Campus of University of Delhi. One of the early proponents of a formal degree of Master of Business Administration in the country, the institute has seen phenomenal change in terms of the nature and the number of programmes offered. FMS is part of one of the leading universities in the world – the University of Delhi – and prides itself with some of the finest departments in Economics, Law, Sociology, Commerce and Operations Research.

Stressing on management education, FMS believes in commitment to thought leadership with a profound understanding of business. The pedagogy revolves around fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory. FMS has adopted several innovative methods of teaching and learning to ensure that its students are groomed into future business leaders. Lectures, case analysis, simulation games and exercises, syndicates, group discussions and practical project work are commonly used to develop conceptual, analytical and decision making skills and to prepare the students to face challenges of the complex business and organizational environment.

Students' performance is assessed through a continuous system of tests, quizzes, mid-term and semester-end examination to ensure highest academic standards as well as practical orientation. Students are also required to undertake a number of practical projects in the different courses of the programme for which the information gathered from business/industry is analyzed and presented as reports.

Interactive sessions with industry veterans are also held periodically so that the students get an opportunity to learn and experience the current ongoing trends in business. Guest lectures are conducted by industry stalwarts to impart knowledge to the students. FMS also holds an annual convention and conclaves supporting the same.

To encourage students value the concept of teamwork, every student in FMS is a part of Management Science Association (MSA), which is a student body comprising of different panels that focus on distinct functional areas of interest. This promotes students to work together and come up with strategies and creative ideas.

With a high student faculty ratio, FMS is among one the few Institutes in India where every permanent faculty member is a PhD. The pedagogy is determined by the faculty which is a mixture of case studies, lectures and role plays making learning interactive and intense .The faculty is also involved in various consultancy programmes and MDPs.

FMS is also the founder member of the Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA) and is working towards regional cooperation in management education and development in the spirit of SAARC. FMS is also one of the participating institutions in the India-EEC Exchange and Co-operation Programme for Management Professors.

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