Article: Rank 27: Goa Institute of Management


Rank 27: Goa Institute of Management

GIM believes in being a 'learning organization' and have refocused themselves to become more research-oriented
Rank 27: Goa Institute of Management

Established: 1993, Top-scoring parameters: Leadership & Governance, Campus Life, Accreditation & Linkages


Differentiator: Research-oriented institute with centres of excellence


Striving to educate future managers with knowledge, skills, personal integrity and a sense of social responsibility, Goa Institute of Management (GIM) situated at Ribandar, Goa, is becoming increasingly popular amongst MBA aspirants today. GIM is one of the institutes that has done phenomenally well in the past couple of years. GIM Director Dr Sunil Rai said, “We owe our success to all our faculty, staff and students. In addition to that, we have refocused ourselves to become more research oriented, which has affected our pedagogy in a positive way.”

GIM’s popularity can also be attributed to the thought process that revolves around its four centres of excellence, which took shape in 2011. They are Centre for Research Excellence: To ensure that the faculty is in touch with the current and emerging issues concerning managers today, the Centre for Research Excellence offers an excellent platform for conducting, evaluating and publishing research. This is then accessible for all. Centre for Social Sensitivity & Action: This promotes the culture of being socially responsible with the spirit of community well-being. Students are exposed to existing social challenges, which give them an opportunity to address these concerns with innovative solutions. Centre for Creativity & Innovation: ‘Thinking differently and away from the conventional way of teaching, students are encouraged to express their creativity through activities ranging from film making, photography, dancing, pottery etc. Centre for Entrepreneurship Development: This centre serves as an ‘entrepreneurship workshop’ where students and faculty work together as a team to promote fresh business ideas.

To ensure world-class knowledge is imparted to the students, GIM has a well-balanced faculty, which falls into three broad categories. One third of the faculty consists of young research-oriented teachers, and then there are the senior faculty members who have rich work experience in the corporate world. The third is a mix of both. The students are thus taught the importance of knowledge, experience, hard work and sincerity.

In addition to the flagship PGDM programme, GIM has also started a two year full-time residential course in Healthcare Management (PGDM-HCM) in 2013. Designed by senior healthcare industry leaders and academic thinkers, this programme aims at preparing future managers in all the major domains of the healthcare industry.

Believing in continuous transformation and devising innovative methods of learning, GIM believes in being a ‘learning organization’ where the concept of knowledge management influences belief and conviction of all its students and faculty. All research, scholastic as well as non scholastic, is captured on their intranet via an informal blogging system. This enables student and faculty members to share their opinions and comments through a unique way of documentation.

Dr. Rai said, “There are three principles in which GIM strongly believes and adheres to. First is high importance to ethics and values, second is creativity and innovation and thirdly respect for everyone. Our success is attributed to these values.”

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