Article: Rank 32: SIMSREE Mumbai


Rank 32: SIMSREE Mumbai

SIMSREE aims to provide students with the opportunities, the environment, and the situations that make professionals succeed in a competitive environment
Rank 32: SIMSREE Mumbai

Established: 1983, Top-scoring parameters: Leadership & Governance, Accreditation & Linkages, Academic Excellence


Differentiator: Practical teaching through simulated environments


Sydenham Institute of Management Studies & Research & Entrepreneurship (SIMSREE) is an institution under the credited Sydenham College of Commerce and it has built its repute over 100 years as the first college of commerce in Asia. It is located in the heart of India’s financial capital, Mumbai. Over the years, the institution has built its reputation as among the most popular educational destinations in the Western region. Its proximity to corporate establishments in the commercial capital of the country serves as a great factor for SIMSREE to be among the most preferred business schools in the region.

The institution adopts modern pedagogy techniques including case studies, scenario planning, and role plays to impart education to embed knowledge to its students. While a part of the teaching happens through classroom lectures, another part of learning happens through demonstration of practical concepts through the above methodologies. In addition to practical teaching, the institute encourages students to participate in several live projects with industry partners, where faculty supports them through mentorship. Students are also given tests or quizzes to test and assess their level of understanding of concepts. Besides all of these, the institution also provides the technology for simulation and gaming enabling students to learn through simulated business situations.

The institution organises student exchange meets every year with students of the University of Wisconsin, and the California State University. These meets are targeted to encourage cross culture interaction. The institute also facilitates the process of sending students who volunteer to gain experience in any of these universities.

SIMSREEE believes in the value of student empowerment and aims at developing team skills and co-operation by grooming them accordingly. The institute greatly values innovation and creativity, and supports good ideas through financial as well as intellectual funding. Students are supported with initiatives which can range from curricular to the co-curricular. The institution’s key driver for student empowerment stems from the philosophy that undertaking entrepreneurial ventures makes a student disciplined and committed. The institution, is thus, committed toward giving students the opportunity, the environment, and the situations that a professional requires and the discipline of management required to mitigate them.

The institution’s mission is to maximise the potential of students to be able to achieve their professional peak and to produce individuals with the drive to lead in a dynamic and internationally competitive market.

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