Article: Rank 46: Institute of Finance and International Management


Rank 46: Institute of Finance and International Management

Institute places a lot of stress on learning by doing rather than learning by knowing
Rank 46: Institute of Finance and International Management

Established: 1995, Top-scoring parameters: Leadership & Governance, Accreditation & Linkages, Campus Life


Differentiator: Focus is on continuous employability


Strategically located in the heart of the Electronics City, Bangalore, IFIM Business School, offers its students a well planned infrastructure with limitless resources. This 18-year-old institute aims to be the most sought after destination for quality management education in India. IFIM offers 3 core programmes: PGDM, PGDM (Finance) and PGDM (International Business). In addition, IFIM also offers a PhD program in Management and a range of options for Executive Education.

A distinctive feature of the institute is its well established and dedicated Centre for Continuous Employability, which provides placement for life. Along with placement opportunities for graduating batches, the alumni can also come back in case they are looking for a new career opportunity. This has been inspired by the institute’s mission to nurture holistic socially responsible and continuously employable professionals. Says Mr. Sanjay Padode, Secretary- CDE Society, Bangalore, “Our focus is on continuous employability and our curriculum is a good blend of knowledge, skill and attitude where there is a lot of stress on learning by doing rather than learning by knowing.”

Centre for Continuous Employability also runs a part of the curriculum called Personality Enhancement Program (PEP), which is an integral part of the curriculum and runs across all the terms when the student is on campus. This teaches the importance of soft skills to students, which include presentation skills, collaborative working and leadership to name a few. The unique part of this course is that it is not delivered in classes. Each student is provided by a log book where he/she is provided target hours to accomplish certain tasks on his own without supervision. It teaches students about life skills and lifestyle.

Stressing on its ideology of ‘Continuous Employability’ built on 3 pillars of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude, the course is designed in such a way that it hones an individual’s personality besides imparting knowledge. Padode says, “Employability is the ability of oneself to feel that he/she can be of value to the society at any point in time; it is basically an inherent confidence that you have. I have to be a continuous learner and I have to be in a position to contribute value to the society at any point of time.”

“Each course is designed to have learning outcomes, which are divided into three heads of knowledge Skill and Attitude. Although the course matter remains the same, the case studies are chosen to reflect these outcomes. It is just not the knowledge but the skill and attitude balance needs to be right. It is more about blending the knowledge input and integrating it with the personality effects,” he added.

IFIM also has a very strong student exchange program making foreign immersion an integral part of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to go abroad for a term and in turn foreign students are welcomed here for the same. The Institute has affiliations with foreign universities like Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business, University of Applied Sciences, Lubeck, ESC Rennes Business School, France, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Bicocca, Italy. As a result the classroom has a mix of students from Europe, UK, US, in addition to their Indian counterparts.

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