Article: Skilling India: a creative calling


Skilling India: a creative calling

For developing skills one needs to adopt holistic approach. Read on to know, what can be done, to impart knowledge and develop skill-sets.
Skilling India: a creative calling

From the theoretical point of view, skilling means to train someone in your organization; learning the ability to take on the task with predetermined result. The predetermined result does not necessarily means – what your board is expecting it includes customers and employees of the organization as well. Employees need to possess comprehensive knowledge, authoritative knowledge and adaptability for having positive thinking in their mind.

What is skill?

  1. Learned ability to carry out task with predetermined result 
  2. Comprehensive knowledge 
  3. Authoritative knowledge 
  4. Adaptability for having positive thinking in their mind 


An organization may have skill but it is not complete without a ‘will’. Until and unless an organization is not equipped with the ‘will towards driving the skill’, it may not succeed in the present competitive world. 

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi lays stress on three points while talking about ‘Skilling India’. He says there are three preliminary requirements for achieving skilling -India objectives.

Preliminary requirements:

  1. Quality 
  2. Trust and confidence 
  3. Creating employability through skilling 


Holistic approach 

We need to adopt holistic approach, where not just one organization supports it but consortium of organizations work towards developing skills. Developing skill is not an event management; it is requirement of holistic development of culture. 

Next, we require good trainers for developing these skills-sets. Government need to identify behavioral and technical experts, who have superior knowledge and those who have retired from the industries. They should be introduced in different engineering and technical institutes to impart application based knowledge to students. 

Skill development activity should not be left to government only rather we should also partner along with them. For skill development, HR professionals need to act as HR facilitators therefore; they need to take all stakeholders into confidence.  Skill requirement which is competency based is the required attribute, which each industry need to consider 

This story has been built from the session ‘Skilling India – a creative calling – now and future’ delivered by Dr. SV Bhave – Senior Vice President, HR, IR & Admin, Bharat Forge Limited at 35th national conference and exhibition, NATCON 2016 based on the Theme ‘Powering ahead – Strengthening Bonds of Business by focusing HR’ organized and hosted by NIPM at Navi Mumbai on 23rd & 24th September. 

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