Article: We are not facing a skills gap but a skills canyon!

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We are not facing a skills gap but a skills canyon!

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To understand the skills required for the emerging roles and jobs, People Matters in association with Manipal Prolearn, asked recruiters working across various industries about the skills they want but can't find. Download your free copy here.
We are not facing a skills gap but a skills canyon!

At the cusp of the fourth revolution, developments in previously disjointed fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud, etc. have led to a significant impact on jobs, ranging from substantial job creation to job displacement, and from heightened employee productivity to widening skills gaps.

People Matters in collaboration with Manipal ProLearn studied the talent landscape to figure out what skills are most valued by organizations and which skills are most difficult to find. As a part of this study, we asked recruiters which skills they wanted most, and which they had trouble finding. 

Download this whitepaper - "Assessing the most desired skillsets for 2018," to stay on top of the skills trends and re-examine the way your business approaches training. The whitepaper is equally beneficial to the graduates and professionals who are looking to stay updated with the business demands.

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