Article: Decoding the Social Media Landscape

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Decoding the Social Media Landscape

Hiring from social media
Decoding the Social Media Landscape

Transparency of jobs, requirements and access to people in that community, empower employees to take charge of their growth


In some industries, hiring is concentrated on specialised skills which is even more difficult to find


The social media tools and applications can open and closed depending on whether their offerings are targeting corporates or the general public. This space has also seen the rise of white-label platforms like Lithium, and Jive (among others) that are deployed by companies to make branded communities. While the technology and platform belongs to the service provider, the organization has control on the look & feel, and its required functionality. Finally, there are also platforms that have emerged for analyzing and tracking social media leverage.

Enterprise social networks

These platforms were traditionally conceptualized for customer interaction, but they are today also being used by corporates, through the employee life cycle.

There are niche platforms like TalentsIn that focus on recruitment; others like Qontext, MangoApps, Cisco Quad, Cynapse and Cubetree, that focus on knowledge sharing & learning, and general platforms that cater to other aspects of talent management, from R&R, like Quadmo, TriggerO; to collaboration and performance, like Yammer, KineticGlue, Remindo, IBM Connections, Socialcast, Socialtext and Rypple.

Open platforms with talent management applications

These websites offer a unique value proposition to the user, and that is their original raison d’être. Additionally, the business model has evolved into offering corporate services in the area of recruitment, employer branding and other areas in talent management. Besides platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, BraveNewTalent, that are standalone websites; there are also applications like BeKnown, BranchOut, MyParichay, that enable hiring on Facebook.

Social media management systems

These are applications to aggregate, manage and listen to different social media channels through one single tool.
There are tools like HootSuite, Klout, Radian6, TweetReach, TweetLevel, ReFollow, PeerIndex, Traackr. Some of them offer upgraded services for professionals for employer branding. There are also specialized solutions like Nimble and ArgyleSocial, that only cater to corporates.

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