Article: 50 shades of HR: Part I

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50 shades of HR: Part I

In this special story on HR, we bring to you an interesting take on how HR professionals see themselves, applying the lens of blockbuster movies and a hint of drama. Caution: This is not the entire story. Part II is coming soon!
50 shades of HR: Part I

With great responsibility comes great power. Or is it the other way round? The perspective often lies in the eyes of the beholder,  which again is debatable, literally. In an era where it takes seconds to form opinions, and ages to wash your name clean of accusations, let's take a look inside the mind of an HR and find out what they think of themselves. 

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Or is it?

What they think about themselves

A Beautiful Mind

We do have a beautiful mind that understands people, but we don't always like people. We are "human" resources after all!

The Wolf of Wall Street

Compensation is our area of expertise, not necessarily our offering!


With social animals running all over the place and running the place as well, we do have our share of bad days.

The Dictator

Follow the code or pay for it!

Dangerous Minds

We choose being an HR over, and over and over again!


Tuning ourselves to get past the hits and moving forward is our forte!

No Strings Attached

Count on us to take care of you, but pray to not see us after you join the company.

Pursuit of Happyness

Dare to dream big and go after it!

The Godfather

I will find you, and I will hire you!


Sending us a request is the easy part. Wait for the approval process to begin! 

The Incredibles

You are the problem , we are the solution!


Just because we don't wear a mask, doesn't mean we don't have superpowers.


Trust us to tell you the truth, for better or for worse!


Let the transformation begin!

Friends with Benefits

We are your friends and we care for you.

Ninja Warriors

Fighting one battle after another and preparing for the one after!

Fight Club

Solving conflicts since inception!

Battle of the Sexes

Who makes a better HR leader: Women or Men? We are equal, said no HR ever!

The Blind Side

No we don't love the way you lie. Eminem isn't always right!

A Star is Born

Your 24*7 thinktank for new beginnings.


We embrace challenges head-on!

Top Gun

We know it but we won't say it, yet!

The Help

We value you, we are here for you!

How to Train Your Dragon

Training you is my job, said no manager ever. Which is why we do it!

As good as it gets

Another fire to put out? We are stocked up and we know it!

This is just the beginning. Wait for these shades to get darker in 50 shades of HR: Part II. Stay tuned!

Read the second part of the story here.

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