Article: People Matters TechHR Startup Program returns to fuel next-gen entrepreneurial dreams


People Matters TechHR Startup Program returns to fuel next-gen entrepreneurial dreams

The date is set! Asia’s largest confluence of startups, venture capitalists, investors and tech enthusiasts are set to debate, deliberate and dictate at People Matters TechHR India on August 3 and 4.
People Matters TechHR Startup Program returns to fuel next-gen entrepreneurial dreams

It’s the 10th edition of People Matters TechHR India and for the past decade, it has been our commitment to envision and leave an impact on the future of people and work. As the TechHR Startup Program comes alive at our flagship conference, the idea has always been to offer the much needed support to founders, entrepreneurs and startups and give them the chance to meet influential and top decision makers in business and HR. 

We firmly believe that the journey of a startup is long and arduous, and startup owners in the early and growing stages can learn from entrepreneurs, who have been there and done it all. In the last few years, over 650 startups have applied to TechHR Startup Program and made a breakthrough in the HR Tech world. Each of the participants got the chance to present their idea/prototype to early adopters and gained visibility with trailblazers and founders. In the hope of giving advice and life-lessons to young and upcoming HR tech startups that wish to solve pressing talent challenges, we recently introduced HR Tech Startup Mentor Series

According to the India Tech Startup Landscape report of 2022 published by Nasscom-Zinnov, India has over 25000-27000 active tech startups, founded between 2012 and 2022 that have managed to survive and thrive. Among them, 89 are unicorns and for us, it meant designing that perfect space where ideas are transformed into actions. 

As we count the number of fast-rising tech superstars, selected through our Startup program, who are enjoying success in Asia Pacific and across the world, we bring to you the opportunity to join the program. The investors, buyers and mentors will be geared up to hear what you have to say and how you are set to challenge and change the status quo with your innovative solution. 

To help startups be at the forefront of change, we bring you TechHR Startup Program. And here’s why you can’t and shouldn’t miss it:

  1. Ideas Pitch: If you are an entrepreneur exploring market trends, scouting investors or leaping into the playing field, you will get a dedicated slot to pitch your products or services to the bold and brave VCs including Sajith Pai, Hidekazu Ito, Radhika Agarwal, Kshitij Karundia, Nakul Saxena, Shrishti Sahu and Kishan Kumar, among others. You will gain a once-in-a-lifetime chance to connect and interact with over 1500 delegates, 100 renowned speakers from across diverse industries and 45 partners, who’ve established their brands globally. 
  2. Art of Connection: Startups are the spine of the new India, encouraging the youth to become job creators rather than job seekers. With the ‘art of the possible’ as the theme of the conference, we believe that there is power and potential in networking that can change everything. Leverage the chance for a one-to-one conversation with like-minded investors and mentors, who can expand your knowledge and equip you to become the game changer for your business. 
  3. Cultivating Creativity: Face-to-face interactions at a physical event with experts and innovators tend to broaden your horizons, help you learn and improve more, as you gain insights on what has worked so far and the mistakes you can’t repeat. It’s only when you finally break out of your comfort zone that you finally can develop your ideas and products better. 
  4. Startup Zone: If you decide to become a part of the Startup Program, you will get to have a booth in the exclusive demo space to show the world your product or service idea. It's also a great place to grow and promote your brand. 

So, apply and transform your business now! The steps to getting started on the journey include an online application, which needs to be submitted, that goes through a screening process. Once that’s done, the applicants are shortlisted and once the participation is confirmed, you will be onboarded. And thus begins the dream!

To make the most of the TechHR Startup Program, plan ahead with your business goals and objectives, take advantage of the networking opportunities, be open to learning and attend some of the keynotes, stand out from the crowd with your booth design and don’t forget to follow up with potential leads. 

People Matters TechHR India is not just the birthplace of business, but it's where incredible collaborations, partnerships and projects are born that regularly shake up the industry and invigorate fresh perspectives. So, join us for Asia’s largest HR and Worktech conference on August 3 and 4 at Leela Ambience, Gurugram. The first step for a new dawn is just a click away

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