Article: Designing fair, sustainable and measurable Hipo programs

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Designing fair, sustainable and measurable Hipo programs


Right Management and People Matters conducted a series of events spread across a week to share best practices and discuss the main challenges that organisations face in designing and managing high potential development programs. The whitepaper discusses the key findings from these discussions
Designing fair, sustainable and measurable Hipo programs

Organisations across the globe are staring at the face of a leadership crisis with the current generation of leaders retiring and the next generation of talent not capable to take on the challenges of critical leadership positions. Corporate Leadership Council’s latest leadership research highlights that the crisis is even more serious among Asian organisations. Owing the necessity to build a succession pipeline there has been a rise in the incidence of organisations investing in high potential programs in the past few years. Slizer and Church’s 2013 workforce study reveals that the number of organisations having a HiPo program increased from 42% in 1994 to 55% in 2012. A high potential program enables an organisation to identify and develop key talent in the organisation and prepare them to take up future leadership roles. Research shows that a high potential is 50% more valuable to an organisation than an average employee. While the popularity of HiPo programs is growing globally, most organisations are unable to realise the desired outcomes or demonstrate the true business benefits of the program.

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