Article: A matter of choice of recruitment partners: Sunil Goel

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A matter of choice of recruitment partners: Sunil Goel

10 things to look for while selecting an executive search firm
A matter of choice of recruitment partners: Sunil Goel

Certifications like ISO adjudge the inclination of executive search firms towards updating the knowledge of the consultants


Recruiting talent is a challenge, so is selecting the right executive search firm. Here are ten ‘musts’ that one should focus on when selecting a recruitment partner:

Credibility: The firm that you select will represent your brand. It is essential to ensure that a credible ambassador is selected and stands out in terms of recall factor. An executive firm’s credibility can be assessed by collecting information about the people who work there, as they will be responsible for selecting the right leader for your organization.

Industry specific verticals: Executive search firms have domain expertise. You must assess a firm which has an extensive understanding of your domain. It is wise to engage with large executive search firms with diverse industry categorization, as it helps to get candidates with cross industry exposure.

Relevant search experience of your industry: You must ask for success stories and choose a firm. The firm you select should have a well-thought out strategy in place for success as well.

Background of the researchers and consultants: The search team must be aware of the market environment and the challenges involved. The team members must have the necessary wherewithal to attract a potential candidate for your organization.

Seriousness on dedicated resource allocation: Look at how the firm sets the right priorities for each client’s requirements. In many executive search firms, there is no dedicated resource to work on a specific client position. In such a situation, the consultants become more focused towards high worth requirements.

Turnaround time: Another important key decision criterion is the turnaround time. A good executive search firm must have a decent turnaround time for placing a leader onboard, overcoming all the hassles and struggle involved in the hunt for talent.

Commitment on SLAs and cost: As an organization, you must make sure both sides follow the agreed SLAs and quality parameters.

Recruitment methodology/process: Try to always engage with the search team as it helps in ensuring success. Working as a team brings in a win-win situation for all stakeholders, whether it is the executive search company, the client organization or the candidate.

Communication: Communication between a consultant and the HR from the company must be a continuous, wherein the challenges are openly discussed to achieve the ultimate objective of getting the best fit. Feedback from both sides must be shared openly as that makes the whole process work better for each party.

Technological sophistication: The executive search company must have a system to track the candidate’s profile. Firms using good recruitment ERP software are able to retrieve real time data. Trainings and certifications like ISO adjudge the inclination of the executive search firm towards updating the knowledge of the consultants, investments in training the researchers on latest recruitment techniques, market inputs and social engineering skills. International certifications like ISO are important; it assures that the search firm is following the set standards and processes.

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