Article: Top 12 trends: Complete Leadership Strategy - Deepak Mohla


Top 12 trends: Complete Leadership Strategy - Deepak Mohla

Deepak Mohla, MD, InspireOne

As a result of the dynamic business scenario, one trend that we can look forward to in 2012, will be accelerated leadership development. Organizations will focus more on strengthening the supply chain of leaders who will be ready to take on the increasing leadership roles that will materialize as a consequence of the changing business elements.

These upcoming leaders will fail to create and deliver the required value without the ease of technology usage. This trend will be a critical competency for leaders in the coming year and organizations will be required focus on use on technology.

Organizations are operating in a dynamic market and as markets change, organizations will have to change and leaders will in turn have to change to cater to the market changes. This is a continuous process. The quick changes in the market will necessitate quick change in leadership competencies required. Further, given the increasing need, talent management will see a drop in the average age of CEOs to late 30s and mid 40s in the next 5 years. Thus, it is evident that there will be an emphasis on the overall leadership strategy.

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Topics: Leadership, Strategic HR, Learning & Development

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