Article: Do Treat people fairly: Anil Sachdev


Do Treat people fairly: Anil Sachdev

Do Treat people fairly: Anil Sachdev

How do a handful of union leaders manage to mobilize hundreds of workers to engage in violence? This is akin to asking how do terrorists do highly risky things that involve even laying down their own lives in the process?

At the root is a radical thought that what they are doing is not only just but is required to prove a point to the world. This is due to indoctrination by those who believe that unless they fight, they will not get their rights. India is facing a number of such challenges today.

The gap between the rich and the poor has grown many times and is reflected in businesses today in which the salary differential between the least paid and the highest paid employees has become obscene. Many of the blue collared workers today do not have the education, the competencies and the opportunities to improve their standards of living which the more educated and the white collar employees have.

In addition, a lot of companies do not have the time to invest in building cultures that treat all as ‘family’ and invest time in getting to know one another and relate at the social level. Very few companies today have events that involve families of workmen - many of them did so twenty years back.

Corporate India must urgently focus on building a sense of community at the work place and treating people fairly. We are sitting on top of a volcano and it has started erupting after a long period of silence!

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