Article: Regulate employment relationships: Prince Augustin

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Regulate employment relationships: Prince Augustin

Prince Augustin, Executive Vice President, Group Human Capital & Leadership Development, Mahindra & Mahindra
Regulate employment relationships: Prince Augustin

What is the disparity that arises from bottom level to the highest level


The gruesome and brutal acts of violence at the Manesar Plant, Maruti Suzuki on July 18, need to be condemned as inhuman, unethical and a barbarian way of expressing emotions and feelings. This incident has raised a lot of questions for me and whilst India is slowly getting on its way to becoming a global economic power we need to seek answers to these queries.

The questions that arise for me are:

1. Have our employment laws kept pace with time? In my view, they require a relook and overhaul.

2. How expeditious are our grievance redressal procedures? Are all the stakeholders, like the government, employers, employees, unions and industry associations, sensitive to this? Are we working in a collaborative way to re-engineer the ecosystem?

3. How equitable are our reward systems throughout the value chain? What is the disparity that arises from the bottom level to the highest level? We need to look at the pay parity equity.

4. Do we require a National Wage Policy to ensure some form of parity to remove the sentiment of disparity?

5. How do we maintain our competitive positioning and ensure that employment does not shift out of the country, whilst at the same time ensuring the disparity between organized and unorganized labor is managed equitably. Are we being fair to the contract labor?

6. Can we look at the possibility of drawing up a charter of employment, that defines how employment would be regulated, consequences of non compliance and social governance mechanisms to ensure equity and parity across categories and levels?

7. What does responsible trade unionism, employer and employee behavior mean for creating a workplace free of violence and militancy?

All of these individually and collectively need to be debated at a national level, involving all stakeholders, so that we create an agenda or charter for the future to regulate employment relationships. Such brutal outbursts of feelings must be stopped at all costs. We all must ensure that such expressions are more civilized and far away from being settled with the law of the jungle where brute force overrules humane and compassionate thinking.

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