Article: Getting on the AI wagon


Getting on the AI wagon

KPMG recently published 'Robocalypse: Now? What the Fourth Industrial revolution means for retail', aims to understand how robots and will change the world of retail.
Getting on the AI wagon
The recent public spat between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg over the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) might represent two polar opposite views, but even the biggest tech moguls cannot deny that AI is set to take over and change the world sooner than one might imagine. Despite the steadfast advancement in the field, one cannot deny that the domain is still in its infancy, so much so that the human mind is incapable of truly comprehending the impact and consequences of changes that will accompany it. And by default, what the human mind is unable to comprehend; it becomes suspicious and doubtful of. The discourse around machines taking over jobs has gained momentum in the last few years, and intricately woven into this debate is the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. With the survival of businesses on the line, the transition to the new paradigm is of critical importance. Yet, uncertainty, confusion, and skepticism regarding the same are abundant. For the uninitiated, th...
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Topics: Technology, HR Technology, Strategic HR

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